Monday, April 13, 2015

I love you

I have waited so long to hear those three little words from Isabelle.  I longed for her to run to me and say "I love you Mommy" but it just wasn't happening.  I knew it would- just like all the other milestones that I have had to wait longer than other Moms to see.  I knew Izzy loved me, she would show me with her actions every day but I still wanted to hear those words come out of her mouth.  Then a few days ago, I heard them.  I Love You!  I didn't realize that Nana and Papa had been working with her and adding in some hand motions but the work paid off.  She still doesn't say those words unprompted but she says them.  It was so worth the wait!  Mommy's heart is full and happy!

Friday, January 23, 2015

My little's aren't so little anymore...

Ethan is almost as tall as me now.  I don't think I like looking him square in the eyes just yet.  Along with height comes the pre-teen meltdowns and drama.  Girls, attitude, fighting with siblings- just to name a few.  Oh and I can't wait til summer because I can't keep these kids out of high waters.  I feel like I am buying a new pair of pants every week.  
Izzy has changed so much over the past few months.  She is running and jumping, talking in 3-4 words combinations.  She is counting and saying her ABCs, can tell you what color and shapes are.  Sister is smart! We are still working on the potty training but she definitely lets you know when she is wet- just a little too late to catch her.  We are ready so we are going to conquer this thing hard core soon.
Izzy is into trying new things and loves talking to everyone.  She will say "Hi" until she hears one in return. She doesn't like to be ignored.
Here she is on a swing at The Track.  She started off a little hesitate but then threw her hands in the air and let the wind blow through her hair.  Good times!!
Aiden is still the best big brother.  He dotes on Izzy and their bond is like no other- except when she gets into his stuff.  Then he likes to try and discipline.  This is always fun to watch...
Big brothers are fighting none stop.  When does this change?!?  It is over EVERYTHING!!  I think I found a few new gray hairs over the last few months due to this behavior.
Izzy loves to people watch and sometimes she is surprised but what people decide to leave the house in.  But it is all good... we all have our own style.
Recently, we went to the mountains with Nana and Papa.  We tried out Izzy's new #Buddytag.  She has become a runner and she doesn't like to hold hands.  For some reason, if you try to hold her hand her legs become like limp noodles.  Not sure what's up with that.  So now, she has a new tracking bracelet and an elephant backpack/leash.  Yep, I was one of those parents that said I would never put my kid on a leash. Well... I lied.
The #Buddytag is awesome.  I have an app on my phone that will start an alarm when she gets too far from me.  Plus, she can't get the bracelet off and no one else can get it off (at least easily) either. Bonus!! As you can see... she isn't a big fan though.
 These two... make my heart melt.
and this one... poor thing got his Mommy's eyes.  I was blind as a bat before my Lasik surgery.  We found out Ethan can't see very well even with his glasses on.  Might need to get in for an exam ASAP.
Well... I am pretty upset my Little's aren't very little anymore.  They need to stop growing up so fast.  I guess time flies when you are having fun or just extremely busy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My little

My little Izzy isn't so little anymore...

She is turning into a big girl!  She is talking so much now.  New words every day.  She is running, climbing and getting into to everything!  She is more like any typical toddler than I ever thought.
We are still working hard with potty training.  Someone told me to try the Farmer's Almanac for weaning. Hey, at this point, I am willing to try anything.  So, November 23rd is the first day following this calendar to start the weaning.  That day, I will hide all diapers, pull ups and bring out the special undies.  Fingers crossed that this works.  Maybe the stars or whatever will be in our favor!  Mama is tired of diapers!
This is the face I most often see when I sit her on the potty...
Yep... Sister with an attitude.  I wonder who she gets that from?!?  Miss thing has a huge personality.  Can you tell??  I sure do lover her!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Photo overload

I have been MIA and my blog has been neglected these last few months.  I know it is ok because I started this blog as a type of scrapbook for my kids.  Lord knows, I am not crafty enough to actually do a scrapbook.  After finding out about Izzy, I took it to a more personal level.  Journaling became my therapy.  I figured it was cheaper than actual therapy.  But lately, I just didn't have it in me to write or share my feelings.  That is life for you!  Sometimes you get busy, sometimes you get down and sometimes you just have to focus on taking that next step on your journey to keep going.
But... life hasn't stopped or slowed down in the Holt household.  With three kids, I don't think I would be allowed to stop.
Here are some pictures of the kids doing their thing... having fun! 
My boys are growing up so fast.  Ethan just had a birthday- the big 11!  I can't believe it.  He is already acting more and more like a teenager everyday.  Lord help me!  Girls, attitude and developing his own sense of style.  He is growing up!
Aiden's birthday is coming up fast too.  He can't wait until October rolls around.  He will be 9.
All I know, is that I love these guys to pieces.  They give me gray hairs and heartache at times but they are all mine.

and then there is Izzy.  She is so full of personality.  This girl is into EVERYTHING. (not sure if this is a girl thing or just an Izzy thing) She has a nickname- Hurricane Izzy.  It fits her perfectly as she leaves a trail behind her wherever she goes.  This makes cleaning very difficult!  Which keeps Mommy stressed out and probably adds to the gray hairs.
Don't kids want to always be treated like grown ups until they are asked to walk around a fair or well any where??  Then, their legs hurt.  That would be Aiden...hence the ride in the stroller.
Izzy came with Mommy to find a dress for a wedding we were attending.  I haven't put a dress on in a very long time and now I remember why.  She thought the process was hilarious!!  Me... not so much!
and here we are at the beautiful wedding.  We all had a blast and were thankful to be apart of Jordan's big day.

Izzy loves taking selfies.  I figured I could use these pictures one day to track how we have both aged.  Silly faces are always fun, though.
Have I ever mentioned that Izzy loves chips?!?  She wakes up requesting chips.  She goes to sleep requesting chips.  I mean... I love chips but really??
Izzy started her new PreK program and we all participated in a Fun Run/Walk to raise money for their new playground.  It is getting set up right now and I know she is excited to play on it.
Like everyone else, I use my phone as my go to camera.  So now, whenever I am looking at my phone, Izzy automatically says "cheese".  Even her babies are saying cheese.
Milo, our dog, ran into the street and was hit by a car a few months back.  Don't worry... he is ok.  We thought it might knock some sense into him but it didn't.  He did get this nice care package from our neighbor though.
Izzy trying to get a tan.  We did make a few trips to the beach and our local water park this summer. This year was so much easier since Izzy is walking.

I don't think I ever posted pictures from Izzy's birthday party.  Sister was spoiled and ate lots of sugar.  No one offered to take her home with them that night so we stayed up late partying.
Our  little fish taking a break...
Izzy got some new DAFO's.  As you can see, she was very excited about it.
Milos' favorite place, the dog park.  The kids enjoy it too since they get to chase other dogs.
Anyone want to play fetch???
More pictures to come...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

School 2014-2015

School started for all three kids the middle of August.  This is the only year that they will all be at the same school!  Ethan is in 5th, Aiden is in 3rd and Izzy is in PreK-D.  Everyone loves their teachers so far and are enjoying getting to make some new friends.
I love that all the kids are together this year.  It helps Mommy with Izzy's transition to PreK at the Elementary school.
Izzy loves her backpack.  Mrs. Angie embroidered her name so she shows it off to everyone that she passes.
The first day on the bus was hard for both of us.  Now... she is a champ.  She gets help with the first big step and then after that, Sister becomes Miss Independent.
 That first day, since she was upset on the bus, I stayed at the end of the hallway and watched her arrive to school.  She was smiling and waving at everyone down the hall.  This is the best picture I could get but I see her little piggies swinging in the wind.  She caught my eye and waved and that is when I knew she would be just fine.  Mommy on the other hand- cried all the way to work.  
 Then, when I got to work, I found this little treat at my desk.  Small gestures can sure turn your day around!
 Since Izzy has started school, we have seen a lot of this happening...
She no longer gets a nap since school goes until 2pm.  So she is one worn out little girl by the time I pick her up.  The first few nights were rough and she was a cranky pants but we have gotten into a little better routine which has helped.
Izzy is even trying to dress herself in the mornings...
We still have some work to do but this is progress.
We get a progress report each day- which I love- and from what I hear... Izzy is making a lot of friends at the school.  
Big brothers are doing great as well.  They are pros at the whole school thing now.  This is the last year for Ethan in Elementary school.  I can't believe he will be in Middle school next year.  Scary and exciting!  Aiden is trying the traditional classroom this year and so far, loving it.  We decided to pull him out of Gifted for now and figured we can always go that route again down the road.
It has only been a few weeks into the school year and I must say I would have been lost without Google. My kid's homework makes me feel so dumb!  I definitely will not be going on the show- Are you smarter than a fifth grader?  No sir, no I am not.

Friday, August 29, 2014 have a name.

This morning, when Ethan came out into the living room he was greeted with the sweetest sound.  His name!!  Izzy has always called him Aiden and this morning she yelled Ethan and ran and gave him a hug (all unprompted).  WooHoo!!
We all stopped in our tracks and then did the happy dance.
Ethan... you now have a name!  Doesn't it sounds so sweet to your ears??

Friday, August 15, 2014

Where did my baby go???

Isabelle turned 3 in May, and on her birthday we celebrated big but we also said goodbye to all her therapists and coordinator.
The Early Steps program ends at 3 years old and the next day, she could have gone straight into the school system.  We decided to hold off until August since school only had a few more weeks.
and now... here is August.  August- you sure showed up fast!
Yesterday, we went to her PreK-D orientation.  She is ready... I am not.  Why you ask?!?  I know that she will do great, I know that she will own the room, I know that she will easily make friends.  What I won't know... is how her day was, did she fall down on the play ground, did she like the lunch we made for her, was someone mean to her?
You see, everyday that I pick up Izzy from daycare- I ask her how her day was and what she did.  Her reply is always- Yeah.  She isn't able to give me details or an explanation.  She's three and we haven't been able to have a true conversation yet.
Don't get me wrong, she makes herself known with what she wants.  Sister is smart but just can't verbalize completely with words yet.  I know she will get there with time and more therapy.  So right now, we communicate the way that works best for us- some signing, some talking, some pointing or pulling us by the hand.
The Elementary school is so big and she is so little.  I just want to protect her from the world but at the same time I want to see her soar high.  Soar as high as she could ever dream possible.
I know those two statements don't go together- me protecting her from the world but also letting her soar. This is where I have to learn to let go just a little bit.  Let her be the independent little girl she really wants to be.
I don't want to but I will... slowly.
Here's to taking baby steps towards this new adventure.  Watch out Bluewater... Miss Priss is heading your way!