Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soccer has ended...

Ethan had his soccer party this past Sunday to receive his trophy and play with his team one last time. He is sad that the season is over but now he is ready to move on to his next sport...baseball.

Ethan said he is trying to collect as many trophies as he possible can.  I better find a place to store them.

Go Grace's Aces!!

First tooth!!

Ethan has lost his first tooth!! His friend's mom pulled it for him at daycare. I knew that I wouldn't be able to pull teeth but I didn't realize Ryan wouldn't as well. It made my stomach turn when he would even talk about it. We had just gotten finished explaining to his teacher that it was pretty loose and would probably fall out sometime today. Then he showed his friend's mom and she reached in and pulled before he knew what happened. I think I will be sending him over to her house when the next tooth is ready.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ethan's first report card

Ethan brought home his first report card yesterday with all E's. E=Excellent! Can you see how proud he is?

Corn Maze...

On Saturday, I took the boys to a corn maze in Milton. The GPS took me on every back road between Holt and Milton and we wondered if we would ever find it but we finally made it. I debated taking Aiden due to his allergies but I had his medicine bag on hand just in case. Good thing because once in the maze he immediately started itching and turning red. Nothing a little allergy meds can't help! They enjoyed a hayride, finding their way through the corn maze, riding a cow train and playing on the playground.

I quickly realized that they would not make it far in the country.

This is the result of a long day running around! Mommy enjoyed the quiet ride home. You can't see but I have a huge smile on my face.

The County Fair...

This past Friday we took the boys to the fair. I had not been to the fair since middle school. I don't think I was missing much but the boys had a great time. Ethan finally got up some nerve to ride some of the faster rides so he was very proud of himself.

Having fun on a ride that would have made most adults sick.