Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Kahunas

The boys and I enjoyed a day at Big Kahunas on Saturday. We had some much needed fun in the sun! Ethan and Aiden both love to ride the slides now which makes the park a lot more fun. I can't wait until Aiden gets a little taller so he can ride some of the bigger slides. He is ready he just needs to grow a bit more. He definitely likes some adventure in his life. So maybe next year we will be able to go on most of the slides in the park. We will have to see if they can keep up with Mommy!

Do you like Aiden's sandwich? It consists of a cookie, cheese and crackers. Yummy!

Not sure what the deal is with Aiden's tongue in all of the pictures.

First day of Kindergarten

Ethan started Kindergarten today. He was very excited which made my morning a lot easier. He normally has pretty rough drop offs at daycare so we were worried that he might be so nervous for school that it would be the same. He proved us wrong. He showed us that he can be such a big boy!! Here are some pictures of his first day. He is so proud!
He was a bit worried about not being able to read before he started Kindergarten so we bought him the Hooked on Phonics series. He will soon be ready to do his infomercial "Hooked on Phonics worked for me". Keep an eye out for him in the near future!

This is Ethan at his desk in his classroom.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Slap Face

We just took Ethan to the Urgent Care. He woke up yesterday with a small rash on his face. We went to Big Kahunas and it seemed to get worse as the day went on. At first I thought I might not have gotten enough sun screen but it was very blotchy. On Sunday his face was bright red and after church we noticed he had the rash all over his body. We took him to get checked out since he starts Kindergarten tomorrow and we didn't want him to miss his first day. (I don't think that would be a good start to his first year.) As soon as the nurse saw him, she said he had definitely had the 5th disease or also called slap face (a viral infection). He is no longer contagious so he will not miss his first day of school. We now have to keep an eye on Aiden to see if he gets it. We will keep our fingers crossed that it skips him.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ethan's Kindergarten Orientation

Yesterday Ethan had his Kindergarten Orientation at Bluewater Elementary. He was very excited until he walked into the classroom. All of the sudden he got very shy (like most of the other kids in his class). They took him on a tour of the school while Mommy and Daddy had to listen to a lecture. He ran into some of his friends which put him a little more at ease. I think he is going to have a great year and will meet a lot of new friends.
On the way home from daycare this afternoon, he informed us that he would prefer to ride the LaPetite bus to school on Monday like a big boy. We told him that he can not take away the experience of sending our first child off to kindergarten. He is going to have to suffer and let us take him his first day. I need to get some pictures of my big boy being sent off into the Big World. I think I am a little more nervous now than he is. Hopefully I won't shed some tears but if I do, at least maybe I will get out of the school before they start. We will keep you posted on our progress on Monday. Wish me luck!!

Ian's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Ian's 2nd birthday since the boys and I will be out of town for his birthday party. We really enjoyed his cupcakes (as did Mikayla and Ian- see pic below) and then we played outside for a while with him. Aiden really likes that there is a younger cousin now and he can show him the ropes.

Mikayla and Ian

The boys waiting to sing "Happy Birtday"
The birthday boy!

Summer fun

The boys really enjoy being outside. They are just like their Mommy. We don't like to stay inside much on the weekends. Here are some pictures of some of the fun we have while Daddy works.
Aiden was so worn out. He had a busy day of playing.
Ethan doing the bottle opener. It looks pretty good.

Ethan's VPK Graduation

Ethan and Brycen. Ethan making a silly face

Aiden was so proud of him
Ethan graduated from LaPetite Academy. He did great and learned a lot. They really prepared him for kindergarten.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our happy family

The boys

Aiden over the years

Ethan over the years

Ethan only a few days old. He is deep in thought.

A little information about our boys!

Ethan was born on September 13, 2003. He had a a lot of brown curly hair and blue eyes. He was 9lbs 11ozs. Yes, an unexpected toddler.

I had a very easy pregnancy with Ethan. However, due to the above information, the delivery/recovery was quite a challenge.

Aiden was born on October 16, 2005. Aiden arrived with very little hair and brown eyes. He was a month early but still weighed 7lbs 1oz. The doctors said if I had carried him to full term he would have easily weighted 11lbs.

Due to Ethan's delivery, the pregnancy with Aiden was more of a challenge.

They both are our pride and joy and both could not be more different.

Ethan is more sensitive and reserved while Aiden is outgoing and a real character!

Fast forward a few years and Ethan is now 5 going on 6 and Aiden is 3 going on 4. They changed a lot over the years.

Sit back and enjoy our updates on the lives of the Little Holt's!

Pictures to follow: