Friday, August 29, 2014 have a name.

This morning, when Ethan came out into the living room he was greeted with the sweetest sound.  His name!!  Izzy has always called him Aiden and this morning she yelled Ethan and ran and gave him a hug (all unprompted).  WooHoo!!
We all stopped in our tracks and then did the happy dance.
Ethan... you now have a name!  Doesn't it sounds so sweet to your ears??

Friday, August 15, 2014

Where did my baby go???

Isabelle turned 3 in May, and on her birthday we celebrated big but we also said goodbye to all her therapists and coordinator.
The Early Steps program ends at 3 years old and the next day, she could have gone straight into the school system.  We decided to hold off until August since school only had a few more weeks.
and now... here is August.  August- you sure showed up fast!
Yesterday, we went to her PreK-D orientation.  She is ready... I am not.  Why you ask?!?  I know that she will do great, I know that she will own the room, I know that she will easily make friends.  What I won't know... is how her day was, did she fall down on the play ground, did she like the lunch we made for her, was someone mean to her?
You see, everyday that I pick up Izzy from daycare- I ask her how her day was and what she did.  Her reply is always- Yeah.  She isn't able to give me details or an explanation.  She's three and we haven't been able to have a true conversation yet.
Don't get me wrong, she makes herself known with what she wants.  Sister is smart but just can't verbalize completely with words yet.  I know she will get there with time and more therapy.  So right now, we communicate the way that works best for us- some signing, some talking, some pointing or pulling us by the hand.
The Elementary school is so big and she is so little.  I just want to protect her from the world but at the same time I want to see her soar high.  Soar as high as she could ever dream possible.
I know those two statements don't go together- me protecting her from the world but also letting her soar. This is where I have to learn to let go just a little bit.  Let her be the independent little girl she really wants to be.
I don't want to but I will... slowly.
Here's to taking baby steps towards this new adventure.  Watch out Bluewater... Miss Priss is heading your way!