Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brothers...come back to me !!
Izzy is not a happy camper since her brothers have been away this week.  She is missing them!! 
This morning, we sat and looked at pictures of them and she pointed and said their names over and over.  Don't worry, Sister, they will be back tomorrow and things will be back to normal in no time.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sevenly- this week's cause...

One week. One cause.

As you might know, We had a prenatal diagnosis with Isabelle.  I immediately got on the internet to find support and information.  The doctor who delivered Izzy's diagnosis and some people in our life were not very positive once we found out about Down Syndrome but I knew my baby girl's life was still important and she was worth it.  I would have been lost without the support of our family but also the support of others that have children with Down Syndrome to tell me everything was going to be ok.

This week, Sevenly is donating $7 of every purchase the help provide support to parents who just received a prenatal diagnosis.  This can give hope at a time one might feel hopeless.
Go check out their website.  Each week they choose a different charity and donate $7 of every purchase to spread the word of acceptance.
All life matters... Isabelle matters!


Kids camp...

My boys are finally old enough for Kid's camp!!  Ethan has been able to go for the last couple of years but he wanted to wait for his brother.  He didn't want Aiden to feel left out.  Are you believing that??
I dropped them off at church on Monday morning and as I walked away, I shed a small tear and then did a happy dance.  What are we going to do for an entire week without the boys?!?  Well, we have gone on a date (dinner and movie) + Izzy, we have had a few dance parties and we have caught up on most of our shows.  My idea of cleaning the house and going through all of their toys hasn't happened yet but maybe I will find the motivation tonight or tomorrow night.  Probably not!
We didn't think we would miss them as much as we do (does that sound bad??) but we know that they are having a blast.  They have never been away from us for more than a night or two (and that is with family) so to go an entire week is a big deal.  Plus, there are no phone calls.  Eek!!
Thankfully, we are getting to see pictures on facebook of all the fun they are having.
I was worried about Ethan and his eating habits.  He is my picky eater but he doesn't have a choice at camp.  This might do him some good!
Playing a little air hockey.  My favorite game ever- Mommy is jealous!
 See... he takes after me.  Look at the intensity in his face.
Not sure what Aiden is doing but he looks like he is still being his goofy little self.   This kid is not shy so I knew he wouldn't have any issues being away from home.
Aiden lost another tooth.  I did ask that if the tooth fairy makes her visit to please make sure she remembers that his "normal" tooth fairy is on a budget.  We don't want to have any issues with any future teeth.
I am loving the pictures of my boys.  They are so grown up and I think this week away is probably doing them a lot of good. 
I went to this same camp every year as a kid.  I made some of the best memories there with my friends.  I know the boys are going to do the same.   

Friday, June 21, 2013

Mud Run...

Ryan and I plus the boys participated in the annual Emerald Coast Mud Run for Orphans this year.  We signed up last year again with the intentions of being in the best shape any yet again... that didn't happen.  I just keep pushing back my -get in shape- goals and I get so frustrated with myself. 
The adults- Ryan/ I and Chad/Stephanie went first and we ran/jogged the 5k obstacle course.  We went through mud pits, climbed rope walls, carried bags of dirt and more.  There were probably 8-10 different obstacles and I was so proud of myself that I was able to complete them all.  I struggled but I made it. 
Before the race...

Izzy was there cheering us on and I know one year, she will run with us.
After the race...
Ryan and I were both going to run with the boys during their 1 mile run but I hurt my knee during the last obstacle.  Ryan decided to stay with Aiden to make sure his asthma didn't act up.  He said he didn't see Ethan after the race started- the boy took off never to be seen again.  So no pictures of Ethan. Boo!

 Can you tell the boys loved this race??  But really, what boy doesn't like to run through mud?

This was the fun part... after the race everyone got to rinse off by the fire truck. 
I had to nurse my knee for the next few days.  I guess my age is catching up with me.
Until next year... at that point, I really do hope I am in better shape.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ATL weekend...

The Barfield/Holt family took a long weekend and headed to Atlanta.  We had a packed, fun filled weekend planned.
We got on the road Thursday afternoon.  The kids were great and stayed occupied by napping, eating candy and playing games. 

Friday morning, we got up and headed to Six Flags.  We picked the perfect day to go- no lines, small crowds and a nice cool breeze.
The boys are ready to hit the park!  Their first visit to Six Flags.

Izzy just can't believe it! 

Izzy did a lot of walking around Skull Island.  We were so proud of her.  She usually takes about 4 steps and then sits down.  Sister doesn't want to over do it but this trip... she was a walking queen!
After a few rides, the kids had to cool off in Skull Island.  They had a blast at the mini water park.
Skull Island- SIx Flags water area. 

 Unlike us adults, the kids didn't mind walking around the park wet. 

Waiting for everyone to finish up on the bumper cars.
Roller Coaster time...
Aiden loves roller coasters and he is getting tall enough to ride most of them.  Ethan is a little more timid but once we convince him to ride... he loves them (just like his Mommy as a kid).
Do you think they had fun on the Ninja?!?

Papa and Mikayla- Great American Scream Machine

Aiden and the Batman car
Aiden and I rode the Great American Scream machine.  Note to self... you are too old for this ride.  I felt like I had been in a car accident and was so sore for the next few days.  Oh, and I lost my sunglasses and then found them (thankfully they were only $5).  They flew off behind me but somehow ended up three rows in front of me.  Hmmm...

Merry go round-Izzy wasn't a fan of the horses once we got close so we opted for sitting in a carriage. 

The Littles couldn't hang with the big kids.
You won't see any pictures of me after the morning.  Some how, we were talked into riding Splash Falls and Thunder River and I got drenched.  I looked like a drowned rat walking around for the rest of the day.
Saturday, we went to a Braves game.  We are not used to big city traffic.  We left over an hour early and we were still late for the game.  Boo!
A quick trip to- where else... Target.

Izzy and Papa reading a magazine during innings.
We got in our exercise for the day by doing the Tomahawk chop.  Approximately 500 chops- changes arms often = sore arms the next day. 
Izzy was a hit with the other Braves' fans sitting near us.  She entertained everyone during the down times.  It was a great game and the Braves pulled out the win with the very last hit.  We like to think that we were their good luck charm for the day!
We also fit in some late night swims.  On vacation, you are allowed to break the rules!  The water was too cold for my taste but the kids didn't let that stop them.

I think Aiden was a little cold but he refused to admit it.
Sunday was Father's day and Ryan woke up with candy bars on top of him (Ethan's idea).  The only problem... Ryan kept tossing and turning so I had to keep placing them back on top of him.  My work is never done.
We all slept in late which was so nice!  We headed to Ikea to first get a little breakfast and then shop.
What is a trip to Atlanta without visiting Ikea??  Not my kind of trip!
Ethan is now too tall to go into the kid's play area so Ikea is no longer a favorite of his.  He had to be a big boy and walk around the store with Mommy- BORING!
Once we were done shopping, we waited for everyone else by lounging in the outside furniture seciton.  I am sure Ikea was happy with us.

Don't mind us...  just making ourselves at home.
We headed back home on Monday.  We had a great time with our family and made lotsof memories.  Now to get back to reality!  Do we have to?!?

Oh, I failed to mention... the boys got along so well.  That is HUGE  these days.  At ages 9 and 7 (or 8/6 or 7/5...  ) the boys will fight over anything and everything.  Temper tantrums gallore.  We have literally threatened to never go on another vacation for the rest of their natural life.  Obviously, we didn't follow through with that one- sometimes we can go a little overboard with their punishments and have to back track a bit.  Now, don't get me wrong... there was a little tiff here and there but I can handle that.  My boys might be finally growing up and maturing a bit!  A Mama can dream, right?!?