Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My little

My little Izzy isn't so little anymore...

She is turning into a big girl!  She is talking so much now.  New words every day.  She is running, climbing and getting into to everything!  She is more like any typical toddler than I ever thought.
We are still working hard with potty training.  Someone told me to try the Farmer's Almanac for weaning. Hey, at this point, I am willing to try anything.  So, November 23rd is the first day following this calendar to start the weaning.  That day, I will hide all diapers, pull ups and bring out the special undies.  Fingers crossed that this works.  Maybe the stars or whatever will be in our favor!  Mama is tired of diapers!
This is the face I most often see when I sit her on the potty...
Yep... Sister with an attitude.  I wonder who she gets that from?!?  Miss thing has a huge personality.  Can you tell??  I sure do lover her!