Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We reached a milesone folks!!

Ethan can ride a bike without training wheels!! Now... it only took going over to Papa's for him to build up enough confidence but whatever works.  We bought him a bigger bike a few weeks ago that didn't come with training wheels.  We finally put our foot down.  He is 6 and 3/4 (according to Ethan) and he needs to know how to ride a bike.  Right?? I mean, we had to know how to ride a bike when we were little so it must be one of those unspoken parenting rules.  I see little kids that are easily 2 or 3 riding with their parents without training wheels all over our neighborhood.  So I figured, he can do it too. 
We had worked with him one afternoon and he did really well but was still pretty nervous.  Yesterday - Monday's with Papa- turned out to be very beneficial for him.  Who knew that the presence of Papa near him would make him be able to ride his bike without any issues.  He literally got on his bike and took off with Papa running beside him.  He still has to learn how to stop (which seems like a very important thing to know) and continue to build confidence but he is on his way to being a big boy bike rider!  We are so proud of him!!

All about tents...

This weekend the boys were all about their tent.  We purchased a indoor tent from IKEA about a year ago and they suddenly remembered it on Friday night. We dug it out of the garage and set it up for movie time.  They insisted that they lay in the tent on top of our bed for their movie.  It worked out pretty well and this was the end result...
Now I am sure you can guess where Aiden was... wide awake talking our ear off.  The next day Ethan moved to this...
What is it with kids and boxes?? Do they ever out grow spending hours playing around in a box??  Had I known my boys would spend more time playing around in a box, I would have bypassed the toys and gone straight for the free boxes. 
Saturday we spent the day with Daddy at Big Kahunas.  On our way to to the water park, Daddy realized that I have a very hard job keeping the boys in line all by myself.  I think he was worn out by 9:30am.  You see... the boys are in the stage where all they do is fight or everything is a competition.  Ethan:  I brushed my teeth for a second longer than you.  Aiden:  Well... my eye lashes are a little bit longer than yours, so I win!  OK... I am exaggerating just a little but you get my point.  I am very thankful to Nana and Papa for their Sunday afternoons with the boys.  This gives me just a couple of hours of "me" time and by the end of the week it is much needed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bowling with the cousins

Last Saturday Uncle Chad and I took the kids bowling.  This was quite an adventure and we both asked "what were we thinking??" by the time the night was over.  The attendants knew us quite well by the end of the night.  They fetched quite a few balls that ended up only half way down the lane.  But... the kids had a blast and Chad and I went home to take some Excedrin. 
As you can see... it was impossible to get all four to look at me at the same time.  Ethan was watching a little boy in the next lane that would run over and growl at us ever 5 minutes (not very amusing after a while) and Ian was obviously jumping around (hence the reason he is blurry).
There... I got him standing still for one second.  This was also before he decided to jump from the swivel chair and land face first on the hard floor.  Ouch!!

Mommy's heartache...

Who knew that one day that seemed so normal could end up shaking your world.

On May 19th, I found out some news that was both surprising and scary.  I made a visit to my doctor for some issues I had been dealing with.  To my surprise... I was told that I was 6 weeks pregnant.  My first reaction and words were "how can this be??" Now... trust me, I know how everything works but it was not what I was expecting to hear at that moment.  As soon as I heard, I knew that something was wrong (hence the reason for the visit).  After being told this news, I had to wait for the ultrasound room to be available.  What was probably only 10 minutes of waiting easily seemed like 2 hours.  While waiting, I quickly texted Ryan and he came right over.  Thank goodness the Dr.'s office is close to our work.  I think we were both in shock at the news. 

A little background info:
We had decided in January that we would start trying for another baby.  All through that time, I would go back and forth on whether I really was ready or even wanted to start all over.  I was happy that I had two healthy boys and I am grateful for what we had been blessed with.  At this point, I am done with diapers, bottle feeding but... still dealing with temper tantrums and not sleeping through some nights (does that ever end??).  But then again, I always did want three kids and I think I would miss not having a girl (or at least needed to try for a girl).  For some reason, this time around hasn't gone as planned.  With both boys, when we decided to get pregnant it was immediate.  No worries... no trying for months.  I don't know if it is because I am older or my body can't figure out what it wants to do but it is not happening quickly. 

So back to the 19th of May... when we got into the ultrasound room, we found out that I was just short of 6 weeks pregnant and my due date was to be January 10, 2011.  But... I was experiencing a threatened miscarriage. What?!?  I knew that I would probably have difficulties with another pregnancy just as I had with Aiden (thanks to my toddler baby- 9lbs 11oz big boy Ethan) but never worried about a miscarriage.  So... we left the office to go about our business.  I still think I was in shock because I knew my body didn't feel pregnant.  I knew right away that I was pregnant with both boys before I even took a pregnancy test.  My body just felt different and I knew.  This time... nothing.  But by Sunday, the bleeding had gotten worse and I thought this was the day that I would lose the baby.  We sent the boys to church with my parents and we headed to the hospital.  They immediately took me to a room and we did some blood work and another ultrasound.  To our surprise, the baby still looked OK and we saw the heartbeat.  It looked strong and this made me feel a little better but the news was the same, a threatened miscarriage.  On Monday, I went into work only to find out that I should be on bed rest until my next appointment which was in another week.  This made it a little difficult...I hadn't told my boss since we weren't sure what was happening.  This was a big surprise and an inconvenience for the office, I am sure. 

So, I stayed on bed rest for the next 7 days with no change.  These 7 days were extremely difficult.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  I was on bed rest for 7 weeks with Aiden (which included a one week hospital stay) and it didn't seem as difficult as these 7 days.  I think because I knew that this time the outcome might be different.  We had our follow up appointment on June 1st.  We got into the ultrasound room and I knew immediately by the look on the Dr's face that it was not good news.  I was heart broken.  I never realized how much I wanted another baby until I was told that I had lost mine. 

We had to move quickly to the next step which meant the surgery was the following day (June 2nd) so I didn't have much time to prepare and/or grieve.  I found out quickly that I was not ready emotionally for this day.  I never realized how hard this surgery was going to be.  But the Dr. was great and she even held my hand to comfort me until I feel asleep on the operating table.  She will never know how grateful I am for that.  The recovery (physically but more emotionally) was very difficult but we have had a lot of support from our family/friends.

At this point, we have decided not to tell the boys what had happened since they would have a difficult time understanding.  Most of the time, we think they have minds like adults.  The things they think of and say catch us off guard.  But even though they seem mature in the way their mind works (most of the time) we feel we still need to guard their hearts. 

After my follow up appointment we got the green light to start trying again.  And now all of the sudden,  babies are on the boy's mind.  Aiden has already given he/she a name just in case.  He says if the baby is a boy his name will be Red Wings and a girl will be Rosie.  Not sure where he came up with these but he is ready and secretly so am I.

It hasn't been easy these last few months and mostly because things are not happening the way that I want them to.  I miss what could have been with this baby.  I know that all things happen for a reason and I do believe that but also this baby was a part of me and Ryan and therefore I loved him/her (even if it was for a very short period).  I didn't have much time with this baby but he/she will always hold a piece of my heart. 
I believe this situation is a lesson for me to learn that things don't happen in my timing but in God's.  But hopefully, some day soon we will be reporting some happy news for the Holt family and if not, then I will be happy and feel blessed with the two precious gifts that God has already given me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life Lessons

Ethan had his first drama filled day at school yesterday.  He came home and explained that he received a yellow for behavior (needs improvement).  We are pretty strict with him and his behavior and he knows that we expect greens (great behavior).  He explained that they were taking a test and the girl beside him was trying to look at his answers.  (Do kids really cheat in the first grade???)  He had moved his pencil box in between them so she couldn't see his paper and she moved it back for better viewing.  Ethan then told her to stop looking at his paper and this is when the teacher heard him talking and told him to change his color to yellow.  Now... if we are getting the whole story, then I don't think Ethan did anything wrong.  This is where as a Mommy, I want to email the teacher to explain his actions but I am stepping back and letting Ethan try to handle the situation.  I explained to Ethan that maybe after the test he should have gone to talk to the teacher to at least give his side of the story and if he was to remain at yellow then at least she knew why he did what he did. 

So... last night, I taught Ethan (at the ripe age of 6) how to shield his papers so no one can look and get his answers.  Now, I never had this problem growing up.  Trust me... no one was ever trying to look at my paper for the answers.  I am walking in new territory here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend update... Dates, weddings and Le Cirque

Friday night, Steph and I went to the Spa to get a few treatments.  I had a massage and pedicure.  I definitely felt spoiled by the time I left.  Aterwards, we went to Chilli's for some dinner.  (Nice way to start the weekend!)
On our way, I received a text that Aiden was in the Olive Garden bathroom throwing up.  He has been having some issues this past week with getting sick after eating.  I think it is time I call the doctor since he isn't eating anything that should be messing with his allergies.  I am now wondering if he might have some issues with his digestive system.  At least, it will be something they can look into even if it is just to make me feel better.
On Saturday, Ethan had a play date with his friend so Aiden and I went on our own date.  We went to Kohl's to look around for a bit (Mommy's idea of fun) and then we headed to the Track (Aiden's idea of fun).  We rode the Go karts, bumper boats, and then Aiden enjoyed a few rides in the Kiddie Kart area.  We had a blast!! Afterwards, we went home just in time to get some cleaning done and then get ready for a wedding.
                                                        Aiden at the Track

Not really missing his brother right now.
About to get wet on the bumper boats!
The boys and I attended a wedding on Saturday night. The bride was beautiful!

Waiting for the reception to start
Being cheesy
The boys dancing
Then on Sunday after church, we took the boys to see the Grand Le Cirque.  We had a great time.  I don't think the boys moved for the entire show (2 hours).  They sat with their mouths open the entire time and couldn't figure out how they were doing all of those tricks.  They, of course, said that they could easily do those things but soon found out once they got home, that they were a lot harder than it looked. 
Daddy and his boys
We had a fun filled weekend but not a lot of rest was involved.  Now it is time to get back to work and school...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to School...

Well... everyone made it through their first day of school (barely).  The morning started off rough at least for me.  I was not able to sleep the night before (not school related) so I was not organized for our morning routine.  I must be organized in the mornings or I stress out very easily and when Mommy stresses... everyone stresses.  The boys and I rushed out the door and I ended up with these foggy pictures :(.  Yes... it is that hot outside!!  I took the camera out and didn't even realize everything was this foggy. 
               Ethan- 1st day of 1st grade
Aiden- 1st day of VPK
Aiden was so excited! Can you tell??
Ethan in front of his school
Ethan sitting at his desk.
At the end of the day, I asked the boys what they learned and all I got was... we get to have P.E. everyday!!  I couldn't get any additional information out of them.  Is this how it is going to be with boys???  Even Aiden, who we normally can't get to stop talking wouldn't even give up any information. Oh well... I have the rest of the year to try and pull information out of them.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fishing with Daddy

Daddy took the boys fishing last week and the boys loved it!!  Now that Ryan has a permit to get on the Eglin reservation, they plan to go often.  They may have to wait a little for the heat to let up.  It is way too hot outside to be out for long.  They have already started talking about their next fishing trip and they are looking forward to the Sasser (Nana's family) reunion so they can fish all day if they want. 

School is about to begin...

Yesterday we went to Ethan's 1st grade orientation to meet his teacher and his classmates.  We were surprised at how many kids he already knew in his class.  Out of the 16 kids, he knew at least 10 from either sports, daycare and kindergarten.  I could tell he was very nervous about meeting his new class so now...all is good.  He is now very excited for his first day of school.  I think Mommy and Daddy are now prepared as well.  Last night I got the last of his school supplies and clothes and this morning Daddy sharpened all of his 24 pencils.  Now, the only thing left is for us to discuss behavior in the classroom.  We are saving this important lecture talk for tonight so it is fresh in his mind for his first day.  Seeing that he does know a lot of these kids in his class (most of them boys), we need to remind him how important it is to listen and pay attention. 
Aiden will also be starting school tomorrow...VPK.  He is very excited and thinks he is now a big school boy.  Turns out, he will have homework every night just like his big brother.  He might find that enjoyable for the first couple of days. 
Both of my boys are growing up way too fast.  I am still trying to figure out how to slow down the process but I am not having much luck. 
Tomorrow I will post their first day of school pictures.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Weekend...

Friday night we meet Nana and Papa at the mall to do some clothes shopping for Ethan.  School starts on Thursday and he will be in the 1st grade.  On Saturday, Ethan spent the morning with Nana so I could take Aiden to a birthday party.  I am still trying to figure out why we went because the night before, Aiden casually mentioned that the boy didn't even like him and kicks him all of the time.  But... I had already RSVP'd so I felt we should attend.  I also feel guilty because we don't know any of Aiden's class friends or their parents.  Note to self for future parties... don't attend if your child isn't even friends with them.  It was a very unique experience to say the least.  After the party, Aiden and I ran to the Dr. to get some bites looked at.  I noticed last Tuesday that I had 4 bites that would not go away.  Over the next few days, they seemed to be getting worse.  I found out that I was having an allergic reaction to whatever bite me and they were also infected.  Nice!!  Plus... I also had to get a shot?!?  What in the world bit me??? (when Aiden found out I had to get a shot, he said "Don't worry Mommy, I will hold your hand the whole time")  So sweet!
              Our little monkey!!

Bubbles make him happy!
After the Dr., we ran home to wrap Ian's present and then off to another birthday party.  Ian (my nephew) will be turning 3 on August 17th but Stephanie will be in Korea so we celebrated his birthday a few weeks early.  He had a Diego party and was so excited. 
After the party, we took a short nap and then Ryan and I got ready to go out with some friends.  Sarah (co-worker) moved to Boston to attend college.  She was down visiting her family so of course, we all had to get together to catch up. Good times!!
       Laurel, Amy K, Amy H, Me, Janice
Plus Sarah