Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Big girl bed

Look who got a big girl bed...
Can you tell she is super excited?!?
She has been doing great.  The first night, she woke up and was trying to figure out how to get out her door but after that she has slept most of the night in her bed.  Randomly, we will find her laying on her floor but overall, we are happy with the transition.
Sister is growing up way too fast!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

What the...

Aiden had an allergic reaction recently and this is what happened to his face... No, we didn't punch him in the face.
He had asked to stay home from school that morning and I thought it was because he brother was staying home.  You know, all the sudden his head hurts as I am trying to run out the door.  Well, he received an apology from me after I got home from work.
The next morning,  Izzy had a doctor's appointment so I ran Aiden to see his allergist just to show him his reaction.  After a ton of questions, the best idea of what might have happened is he got a dog hair in his eye. He did swell like this once before...on his 1st birthday and he was given an English pea for lunch.  Yes, he no longer eats English peas.  Hopefully, he will continue to out grow most of his allergies.  We would all have to break out into a happy dance if that happens.    
So Izzy got fitted for new braces and Aiden had a check up with his allergist.  They were two perfect patients!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beach day

Sometimes I forget how blessed we are to live near the beaches of Destin.  People come from all over to vacation here and I can literally drive 10 minutes and be at the most beautiful beaches ever.  So far, I haven't found any beaches as pretty as ours- in my opinion.
Izzy was a little unsure of the sand at first but once she realized we weren't going to carry her all over, she figured it out.  Bonus... this is some great PT for her.  She is getting good at walking on uneven surfaces. The beach sand is great practice for her.
The boys were not afraid of the cold water.  Ryan braved the water up to his knees and I stayed dry up on the sand.  I don't like to get in the water until mid summer.
Ethan and Aiden were great with Izzy.  She could have played for the entire day in the sand.
Ethan taunted the birds with his sandwich.  They were hovering over head in case he dropped anything.
Our happy girl...
This could take hours... Izzy trying to bury Ethan in the sand.

It was also a great day to fly kites.  We all took turns and the kids had a blast!
We have already made another trip to the beach which is a record for us.  Surprisingly, we normally don't get out to the beach as often as we would like.  Now that Daddy is off most weekends, we will have to make this a regular event this summer or at least until Big Kahunas opens up.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Well folks... I found a bunny in my sink.
Let me explain...
On Easter, Izzy decided she didn't like bunnies (how fitting, right??).  All bunnies and even the word bunny.
Izzy sees a bunny and she says Ewww.  What did a bunny do to her??? Nothing, we can't figure it out but she doesn't like them and doesn't even want to talk about them.
Why did she throw a bunny in our sink?  For some reason, Izzy thinks the sink is also known as the trash can.  At even given time, you can look in our sink and find dishes, paper, pens and now bunnies.
Hopefully, Izzy will outgrow this dislike of bunnies.  I would like to get a picture of her with the Easter bunny at some point in her life.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

FSU pregame

We took a road trip to Tallahassee for the Garnet and Gold pre-season game.  Other than it being really hot... we had a lot of fun! And... FSU won so all the men were happy.
Everyone got dressed in their FSU gear.  Thankfully, I kept some of the boy's jerseys that they had outgrown for Izzy.  We added some girly touches to make it work. 
We tried to get Izzy to rest up since it was going to be a long day.  This nap lasted all of 5 minutes because her brothers turned on some music and Sister woke up dancing.
 The boys carried some footballs in just in case they found someone for autographs.  More on this later...

Sweating but not complaining...
Izzy did great and loved watching all the people around her.

After the game, the boys insisted on finding someone to sign their footballs.  The only problem... we had to run to the other side of the field to catch a few players.  Not an easy task but you do whay you have to do for your kids, right?!?  I also realized that I am that Mom... the boys were very timid and kept backing away to let others in.  Well, I was the one yelling at them to "get in there".  Yep, Mama needed to take a chill pill and get out of the sun for the day.
They did it!!  Being patient paid off.  They got Devante Freeman's signature on their football.  They were super proud!
Our little FSU family leaving the game. 

Not too cool to steal Mama's sunglasses.
We love that Daddy isn't working on the weekends much anymore and we are definitely taking advantage of some family outings.