Thursday, February 21, 2013

A whole lot of randoms...

Saying we are busy these days is an understatement.  My phone calendar has been my lifesaver these days.  What did we do before all this technology??
We recently added on to our rodent family.  Meet... Bugsy.  He is a little older than Pip Squeak and a little more skittish.  Hopefully he will warm up to our family soon.  On a side note... whoever told us that these animals don't stink - partially lied to us.  Yes, the animals don't stink but their cages do.  Mommy's not happy!!  We have found some new bedding which is helping and it helps to clean their cages out often.  I will find a way to keep the smell away.

We have had fun catching up with Cousins!  We always love a little family time.


It looks like Izzy is milking some attention here and Nana is falling for it.

Making funny videos

Feed me!!

Silly girls!

I got your ear!  How does that feel brother??
We went for a check up for Izzy's RSV and she is all better.  Can you tell?!?
I am looking a little under the weather (Thank you Izzy!) but Izzy is doing great!
Izzy switched to a big girl seat and loves it!!  My baby is growing up. Tears...
Someone is checking me out...
 We are taking naps wherever and whenever we can get them these days!
We have been freezing our little biscuits off at baseball practice!  When is the spring weather coming??  Two practices each week for each boy = a lot of hot baths for Mommy to defrost.  Sorry, honey... the water bill might be a bit high this month!

hiding out in the car with the heater for a little bit.

Izzy loves to watch SpongeBob.  Can you tell she has older brothers?!?  Not one of Mommy's favorite shows but Sister is glued...
Izzy loves church but without fail...she falls asleep during the music.  She starts out with a little dancing and waving and then crashes shortly after.  It is hard being a social butterfly!
The boys are learning their lesson for calling me their maid.  Yep... they actually said that!  This time in particular, it was Aiden.  He just thought he was hilarious.  Maybe next time, they will think before they speak...

Izzy is rocking her OT every week.  We learned that her therapist will be leaving soon so hopefully they will find a good replacement so there isn't a lapse in her sessions.  We just started seeing her therapist but she will be missed!

All of these randoms happened within a few short days so I am tired now.  I wish I could take a nap but that will have to happen in my future life. 
Right now I am going to enjoy these moments with my kids (yes- I have to remind myself of this daily).  I might get stressed at times (a lot of times) and wish my life would slow down a bit but these little guys are growing up way too fast. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

OT has begun...

Izzy started Occupational therapy on Monday.  She had her evaluation last week and knocked it out of the park.  I honestly didn't know what to expect but I was so proud of her.  We saw areas that we needed to work on so now the therapy begins.
First off, it is time for Sister to start eating like a lady or a least a civilized person.  She hasn't tried utensils yet so this is now on her bucket list.  We would love for her to eat off of a plate or possibly from a bowl but she tends to throw it and the food goes flying.  I don't think we are asking for much but she feels otherwise.
She is going to learn in/out and give/take.  This will help with clean up/putting away and hopefully help her to learn not throw everything she gets her hands on (have I mentioned she likes to throw?!?).  Maybe I should go over this in/out technique again with her brothers to help them remember how to clean up. 
Izzy is going to be working on her balance and reaching for objects over her head.  She gets to use some cool tools like a bouncy "peanut" and a swing.
Stacking... this is going to be a big challenge for Izzy.  Sister likes to destroy everything!!  Mrs. K would stack the blocks and Izzy would knock them over while yelling AHHH!  She felt the extra drama was much needed.  So now enters her homework for the week... stacking.  Mrs. K has the patience of a Saint.  Mommy... not so much!  I might be the one yelling AHHH by the time this is over with.
Izzy did really well with the puzzles when she wasn't throwing the pieces.  She has an arm and I think we might have a softball player on our hands.  Hopefully no one ends up with stitches with all the blocks and puzzle pieces flying all over the room.

She has PT every Monday morning and now OT every Monday evening.  Sister is pooped by dinner time! 
Speech is still on Wednesdays.  Izzy's calendar is booked up at least until she is 3.  Then, I am not sure what happens from there...
I have decided to change my name to the Little Holt's Chauffeur.  It is a bit long but it is fitting with my lifestyle right now. 
Where would you like to go today?!?  Baseball, basketball, therapy... hop on in!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February: Heart month

It is kind of fitting that Isabelle had her Cardiology appointment yesterday because February is Heart month and this week in particular is CHD awareness week.  
I never imagined that I would be part of this little community.  But I am now and Isabelle is my little hero.  She is so strong and has gone through so much in her little life. 
Looking at her OHS pictures are still tough but it also shows me that we both are tougher than I thought.
Sept 29, 2011

Now Miss Isabelle is strong and healthy.  We got a great report yesterday!
Her doctor came into the room and said she is fabulous- which we already knew- but now her heart is fabulous too!
Happy to be out of the car!

I need food!

Now I am just going to rest before my exam.
Izzy did great during the exam.  We found a new favorite show- The Backyardigans.  She got a little antsy towards the end and we had to bribe her with a sucker but overall... she was a champ.

Need some help with those buttons??

 We found out that she will not lay on her side.  The tech told me another mother (a nurse)who has a little boy with DS said that child with DS normally do not lay on their side.  I thought about it and you what??  I have never seen Izzy on her side.  My only guess is the low muscle tone and it takes some balance when you lay on your side.  Just a guess but interesting.

Isabelle is weighing in at 24.2 lbs and height... your guess is as good as mine.  We tried standing like a big girl but she wouldn't really cooperate.  She has one small VSD (hole) which they will keep monitoring but she initially had 3 after her OHS.  So, two have already closed and they figure the other one will more than likely close as she continues to grow.  Good news...Izzy is cleared for another year.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Izzy's new do

Look who finally has enough hair for cute little barrettes!
 Or a cute little Pebbles sprout...
As you can tell... she wasn't too impressed with the sprout but Mommy has to experiment. 
I better start working on my hairstyling techniques so Sister's hair doesn't end up like Mommy's- in a boring ponytail everyday!

Monday, February 11, 2013

One statement...

One statement is all it takes to turn someones day around.  Good or bad. 
I wish that I were stronger or more confident to let words just roll off my back but I am not there yet.  Some might say... a work in progress.  That saying... sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never harm you... not always true.  Words hurt!
Izzy and I were having a lazy afternoon of lunch and playtime yesterday.  It was time for our Sunday nap so I got her settled and then I got settled.  As soon as I was about to doze off, Izzy woke up.  10 minutes is not considered a nap, young lady... that is a tease.  So, we decided to go browse some stores.  During one of our stops, I asked one of the employees if she could help me find something and after a few comments towards Izzy - I  realized she knew she has Down Syndrome.  I always wonder if people know or not (does it matter- not normally).  She was asking some questions and then she made a statement about years ago, her Mom worked in an institution and how "Mongols used to not be allowed out in public".  I am sure there was more to the conversation but I didn't hear anymore.  I don't think she had any mean intentions and she was just stating how Down Syndrome was viewed years ago but just hearing that statement I knew that Izzy and I needed to get out of there (no tears allowed while shopping).  Then as we were leaving a lady grabbed my arm and said "bless you".  Thank you- but why bless me??  At this point, I know I was just being defensive and the poor lady could have just been trying to be nice but Momma couldn't handle anymore.
Words hurt! Just that one word and the fact that if my Isabelle had been born in a different time, her life would have turned out so different.  This breaks my heart. 
I am still new to the Down Syndrome world. Even though Isabelle is almost 2 we still feel like babies as far as our knowledge goes. So far, other than people staring (which can make things a little awkward) all of our encounters have been pleasant and people seem to love Isabelle and are drawn to her.

This is one of my biggest fears for Isabelle- the future.  I can love her with everything inside me... and I do but I can't protect her from others words or actions.  There is still ignorance in our world and people that feel that those with special needs don't deserve the same respect.  I want people to see Isabelle just as I see her- a baby/a person that deserves the same opportunities as everyone else.  This little girl works so hard to be able to do the same things that everyone else is able to do without even thinking and I don't want limitations put on her.  Sister is a rock star and she will show this to the world if given the opportunity.
I can't change the world's view of Down Syndrome or special needs but I can and will be a voice for Isabelle and also help her find her own voice.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

They do actually love each other...

I have learned to pick my battles with these two and at this time in their life, they feel safe sleeping close to each other. 
They might fight all day long but at the end of the day... they obviously still love each other.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My little helper...

I had a cute little helper while I was doing a load of dishes and diapers obviously.  She decided to lick a spoon clean - gross and then put her diaper (unused, of course!) in to make sure it was extra clean. 
Doesn't every kid scoot around the house holding a diaper or is mine the only one?!?
If you want to borrow my little helper sometime- just give me a call!