Monday, January 31, 2011

Isabelle's Cardiology appointment

This afternoon we meet with Isabelle's Pediatric Cardiologist in Pensacola.  We began a little rocky by getting a late start but we finally made it!  We were supposed to be about 15 minutes early but ended up walking in right at 2pm which meant we didn't get to eat any lunch before the long appointment.  Ryan and I split some tic tacs on the way but had to stop once we got a sugar high.
Once we got into the room, I got to lay on an actual bed for the ultrasound.  Wow!! That was much more comfortable than the normal tables.  Plus, the doctor had a large TV and stood there to explain everything as we were looking at Isabelle.  It is unanimous, Isabelle is extremely active.  I have now had all 3 doctors confirm that this little girl is a mover.  She looked like she was taking a gymnastics class today with all of the somersaults we saw. All of these flips made it very difficult to get all of the measurements of her heart but they saw what they needed.  The doctor confirmed that Isabelle has an AV canal defect and would need surgery when she is around 3-4 months old.  She recommended 2 different hospitals- one in Atlanta and one in Orlando.  She said that both were great but spoke a little more about Orlando throughout the appointment.  So we weren't sure if that was an unspoken recommendation.  We will do our research and ask again a little later in the pregnancy.
Below is a picture of a normal heart...
This is a picture of Isabelle's heart...

  What we learned is that an AV canal defect is a large hole in the center of the heart.  It's located where the wall between the upper chambers (atria) joins the wall between the lower chambers (ventricles).  This septal defect involves both upper and lower chambers.  Also, the valves that normally separate the heart's upper and lower chambers aren't formed as individual valves.  Instead, a single large valve forms that crosses the defect in the wall between the two sides of the heart.  At this point, the valves on either sides are balanced which is great.   While she is in my belly, she doesn't realize anything is wrong.  She is sitting pretty because she is getting her oxygen from me but once she is on the outside, she will have to figure everything out on her own.  We will learn the best way to take care of her and her heart until she has gained enough weight and strength for the surgery. 
At this point, the doctor said that delivering in Destin can still be an option.  We will need to speak with my OB and then also have the doctor speak with the nurses at the hospital.  If they feel comfortable with delivering her there knowing about her heart, then we should be fine (also, given that Isabelle delivers full term- fingers crossed).  She said that she can speak with the Pediatrician and nurses at the hospital to explain what they can expect from Isabelle so everything runs smoothly.  She will give us a more definite answer as to which hospital is the best fit once we go to our next visit with her in 6 weeks.  She wants to see the continued development of Isabelle's heart.  My only concern is if Isabelle would have to be transported to Pensacola after delivery for any reason.  If there is the slightest possibility of that happening then I will want to deliver in Pensacola.  I don't want any chance of having to be separated from her.
The doctors will continue to keep a close eye on Isabelle's development.  I have an appointment with my regular OB next Monday to check my cervix to make sure I haven't started dilating (prayers for that!)  and then in two weeks I will visit with the high risk doctor.   I feel like we have seen a doctor every week for the last month.  However, the plus to that is we get to see our Isabelle quite often!

Hide and Seek

The boys have been extra loving with Isabelle lately.  They are constantly hugging or kissing my belly (which I love!).  So I have been trying for weeks now to get them to feel her kick.  This girl is a mover/dancer.  She is constantly kicking me and I want the boys to feel this as well.  Well... she is either really stubborn or playing games with them.  She can be moving constantly and the moment I put their hands on my belly... she freezes!  So I have started telling the boys that she is playing hide and seek and/or playing freeze tag (so they don't get upset).  However, now they think as soon as she pops out, she is going to able to get up and start playing with them.  I don't think they understand the concept of a newborn and that they pretty much just lay around 24/7.  Oh well, they will learn soon enough and before they know it, she will be playing right along side of them.  I can't wait to see that!  They already love her so much and are so proud to be her big brothers!!

Busy Weekend...

The boys had a weekend full of fun!  They started Friday night with a sleepover at Mimi and Poppy's.  Then Saturday they went bowling with Aunt Amy. 
          Ethan, Aunt Amy and Aiden (I think Aiden's bowling ball is as big as he is)

While the boys were having fun bowling, Nana and I were deep cleaning the house.  I haven't been feeling that great, so Nana offered to come over and help me clean the house.  I am so grateful for her because now, my house is clean and that makes me so happy!  Now, I just have to convince my little men to help me keep it that way.
The boys got home just in time to change and head out to a skating/birthday party.  Daddy had to take the lead at this party since this pregnant woman wouldn't dare put on skates at this point.  I might could do myself and Isabelle some harm.
The boys started off a little rocky...
Here is Aiden testing out his new skates (thanks Nana and Papa!)
                                                    Now Ethan's turn
                                          About to get started.  Good luck Daddy!
                                                    Daddy giving Aiden a little lesson
                                                      Ethan's new best friend... the wall.
                                                                   My boys
                                                        Aiden taking a little break

There aren't any pictures of me out there but I actually did help a little.  I was able to walk around the rink with the boys so Daddy didn't have both boys the entire time.  We learned pretty quickly that they seemed to do a little worse when we were holding on to them.  So eventually, we told them they had to try it on their own and look at what happened.  They did it!
Sunday again was a packed day.  We started off with church and then we took the boys to Build a Bear.  They have been saving their money and they felt they needed another Build a Bear to go along with their collection. 
                                       Aiden getting started with the fluff
Checking to make sure he is soft enough 
Ethan's turn now 
Filling his Puppy with stuffing 
How does he feel?
Now it is time to love on their hearts 
Then rub it on your head to give the Puppy some brain power 
Now make your wish 
Can't you tell they love this place?? 
I didn't get pictures of their finished Puppy but we have added Darth Vader Puppy and Kung Fu Puppy to our family.
The boys had a great weekend and they were so well behaved.  Ethan was such a big helper and had zero whining!! 
I love weekends like these!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A lovely visit

On Thursday, I meet with a mother of a little DS boy.  This was my first face to face meeting with someone once finding out about Isabelle and I was able to pick her brain for a while.  It was nice to sit and talk with someone that knows exactly what you are going through.  I have gotten numerous emails and comments from other DS moms and all of these have helped Ryan and I tremendously.  Just to be told that our feelings and emotions are normal and that Isabelle will have a "normal" childhood (it just might be a little different) gives me a peace that I haven't had before.  Don't get me wrong, I am still nervous and scared and I am sure I will be until the day I meet Isabelle but I am starting to have some peace (which is saying a lot). 
We just found out our appointment with the Pediatric Cardiologist is on Monday in Pensacola.  I hope we find out a lot of information that will help us prepare for Isabelle's birth and surgery.  I am going into this appointment blind and we don't have a lot of questions but I am hoping we leave with a lot more knowledge about Isabelle's heart.
Oh yeah... and Monday brings with it another shot.  Boo!!  Among many reasons... Mondays are no longer an enjoyable day for me.  1.  Monday means the weekend has come to an end and we are back to the reality of work and school.  2.  I get a shot in my biscuit.   Ryan is getting much better each week but I have yet to get over my fear of needles.  I still stress myself out preparing for approximately 2 minutes of discomfort.  Oh well... just 14 more weeks and then we can say goodbye to the weekly shots.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aiden's secret fear??

It has come to my attention that Aiden might secretly fear that our house will burn down.  I am starting to wonder if I planted this fear in him because this is my secret fear.  I worry about it a lot and I guess I may have voiced this concern one too many times.  I am not sure why I think about this often but the thought of a fire in our house with my children terrifies me.  Our house is not the best set up for small children.  We are currently living in a 2 story split floor plan.  The master bedroom is downstairs and the additional bedrooms are upstairs.  This would be perfect for teenagers but I want my babies close to me.  (I, of course, would never call them babies to their face in fear of major backlash!)
I was told a few nights ago that at Children's church when the kids are asked to draw something, Aiden has been drawing about our house burning down. (Yikes!!) His first drawing, while very pretty, showed our house in flames and everyone out in the yard- thankfully safe.  His next drawing, a few weeks later, was about a burglar who came and started a fire but everyone got out safely and ran to the hotel right next door.  Now... we don't live near a hotel but Mommy and Daddy both work at a hotel. Confusing to a small child, I am sure (maybe he is saying we work too much)!  I guess I need to stop voicing this fear in front of the kids because I think Aiden has taken my secret fear as his own now. 
So... I have one child worried about the events of 9-11 and the other child is worried about our house burning down.  They should be care free and playing with their toys at this age.  Is all my worrying rubbing off on them?!?  I am definitely not going to win Mother of the Year at the rate I am going!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aiden's new language...

Aiden has started a new language over the weekend and I am not a big fan.  Aiden will be talking or telling us a story and when he has decided he is done formulating a normal thought or sentence he finishes by saying blah, blah, blah.  This could happen at any point during the conversation.  He could get bored with what he is talking about or even just a little lazy and the blah's just start rolling.  Well... I am not a mind reader so this makes it a bit difficult to figure out what he is trying to say.  Where does this kid come up with these things?!?  I sure hope this doesn't last long...although it could make for a much quieter household.

A sure Nightmare...

Tonight, Ryan was watching a show that looked back at the events of 9-11.  The boys and I came home from church and just sat down not really thinking about the nature of the show (it probably was a little too much for a 7 year old to grasp).  Soon we were flooded with questions from Ethan.  He needed to understand why someone would intentionally hurt others and he was convinced that if it could happen to them then someone could do it to him or his family.  The rest of the night was spent explaining to him how some people make very bad choices and the results of those choices can hurt a lot of people and also a lot of reassuring that our family is safe.  I have held him while he cried and we prayed for his safety as well as ours but I can assure that this will be a very restless night.  He has already prepared me for when he calls in the middle of the night and needs to come downstairs to sleep.  I better hit the bed soon to rest up!  I have already learned that once he enters our bed, there is little sleep for me and Daddy.  At least Daddy is smart and takes the couch.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Saturday morning...

Today I have cried a lot of tears and it is only 10:30am!  It has just been one of those mornings.  I cried for Isabelle and also me.  I am still not sure who I was crying more for... maybe us both.
I cried while watching a show about a mother helping her daughter plan her dream wedding and then a few scenes later her mother was in the delivery room supporting her daughter while she was delivering her first baby.  These are things that I have dreamed about but I am not sure that Isabelle will experience.  I cried for the loss of those dreams I have had and I cried while trying to wrap my mind around the new dreams we will create.  You see... those dreams are unknown to me at this point.  My mind is blank in that area because I can't see what is going to happen for Isabelle and up to this point in my life... I haven't had to try to imagine it.  I know that Isabelle will be happy and have a wonderful life but will she feel like she is missing out on certain things??  Will she even be missing out on those things??  I don't know!!  The only thing I do know is that as her Mommy, I will give her every opportunity that my boys will  have to be who and what she wants to be.  I will support her in everything she does in her life.  I will expect the same things from her as I expect from my boys.  I will not allow anyone to put limitations on her.  Down Syndrome will not define Isabelle. Isabelle will be the most wonderful girl that anyone has meet and she will bless each person she comes in contact with. 
I a writing this post mainly for myself.  I want to be able to look back on it down the road and see that yes... I did have those days where I was sad and mourned the loss of my dreams but I still made it!  My life didn't go as I had planned but God had a different plan and it was just a good and possibly even better than I could have imagined.
So... enough of these sappy shows for one day.  It is time to get myself and the boys ready and out the door for a day on the town.   We have a busy day planned full of haircuts and shopping for camping stuff.  That's right... the Holt's are going on our very first family camping trip in a few weeks.  We are starting off slow so it is only a few miles from our house but we are going to have a blast.  (I hope).

Friday, January 21, 2011

Girlie stuff

Who knew girlie stuff could be so much fun!!  My sweet cousin sent me a goodie box last night.  I got lots of bows/flowers, a handmade burp cloth, a cover up for breastfeeding (which is a good thing because I was never very good at being discreet with the boys.  I couldn't get myself coordinated) , some little hats and headbands.  When I was pregnant with the boys, they didn't have all of these cute burp cloths and embroidering wasn't all the rage like it is now.  I love all of that stuff but I don't have a crafty bone in my body!!
Who knew that things like these...
and  these...
could change my little world!!  I was amazed that you could actually change the bow or flower on the band or hat to make a whole new look. (I know what you are thinking... but remember that I have lived in a world full of boys for the last 7 years).  So... I spent a few hours trying out the many different looks I could make with about 3 headbands/hats and 10 different bows/flowers!  Ryan just watched and sighed because I was in my own world for a bit.  For the last 7 years, my hair fixing has consisted of throwing some water on the boy's head and running out the door and every now and then, licking my finger to get that one piece of alfalfa sprout to lay flat.  What am I going to do when I actually have to fix someones hair??  I have no idea how to braid hair much less put it in a ponytail so at this point these hats and headbands are going to be a lifesaver for Isabelle at least until I can get my hair styling techniques mastered.  Hopefully she will actually keep them on! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20 week update- High risk appointment

Today we had our 20 week high risk appointment and we were praying for some good news!
*I have only gained a total of 2 pounds!!  Now... if you look at me, you would think I was lying but the doctor's scale don't lie, right??
*We found out that the testing from the amino showed that there weren't any infections from the fluid that was showing during the first appointment.  Also, we weren't able to see any fluid around her neck and the doctor didn't mention any of the fluid around her lungs.  These were all things that were showing at the last appointment!
*Her heart defect is called an AV canal defect. Ryan and I were able to see a little piece of the wall that is there now that we couldn’t see the first time. Her heart would no longer require emergency surgery but she would still need surgery around 3-6 months after birth to fix the defect. The vessels on either side of the canal are in good shape and are balanced (the same size). (which is good, from our understanding, because this would have made things more of an emergency and also a much more difficult surgery.)
*All of her other organs are looking good and they don’t see any problems with their development.  This is something we had forgotten to ask about during the last appointment so I have been worried for a month. 
*With DS, the baby's limbs can be shorter than with other babies.  The doctor said as of right now hers are a little shorter but he said nothing abnormal and they might continue to catch up before birth.
*My cervix looks good at this point so I seem to have been worrying about that for nothing. I have started to have a few Braxton Hicks and they seem to be a little more uncomfortable than I remember with Aiden.  So I was starting to freak out that I must be dilating each time I would have a small contraction. (Ok... I know that this is possibly overacting but I am entitled to that every now and then!)  My worst fear is that I will have to go on bed rest with this pregnancy.  I know that I didn't die or suffer much from being on bed rest with Aiden but it was very depressing.  Plus now, we have 2 very active boys that require a lot of attention and to top it off... they will be starting baseball season soon (which takes over your life)... it might be too much for my poor husband to handle by himself.  So I am keeping my legs and fingers crossed plus praying that these progesterone shots will do their magic and keep Isabelle nice and cozy inside my belly until just the right time. 
*I will more than likely have to deliver in Pensacola to be safe.  I am OK with this other than I would love for my OB to actually deliver the baby.  However,  I did learn that I wouldn’t have to have a c-section.  I don't know if this is just something I thought up on my own but I wasn't sure due to her heart if I could deliver naturally (naturally with drugs, of course).
*I will get a call within the next week or so to get set up with a Pediatric doctor/cardiologist (in Pensacola).  I am still waiting to find out if she will now be my primary doctor along with my high risk doctor. Thankfully my work has been very understanding about my extra doctor appointments but I don't want to press my luck!
*Today, Isabelle was very active which made it more difficult for the tech to get some readings she needed. After an hour long ultrasound, we were both done with the tech pressing on my belly.
And of course...even though I wrote down all of my questions, I still seem to have forgotten some!

So overall, this appointment was a very encouraging. We are still praying for Isabelle and that we will continue to get good news in the weeks to come.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Thankful heart...

Yesterday I blogged about my anxiety levels and this morning I read today's devotional (from Jesus Calling- Sarah Young) and it was exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of. 
- Come to me with a Thankful heart, so that you can enjoy my Presence.  This is the day that I have made.  I want you to rejoice today, refusing to worry about tomorrow.  Search for all that I have prepared for you, anticipating abundant blessings and accepting difficulties as they come.  I can weave miracles into the most mundane day if you keep your focus on Me.
  Come to Me with all your needs, knowing that My glorious riches are a more-than-adequate supply.  Stay in continual communication with Me, so that you can live above your circumstances even while you are in the midst of them.  Present your requests to Me with thanksgiving, and My Peace, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your heart and mind.
These devotionals are very short and to the point- my kind of devotional.  So far, they have been exactly what I have needed each time I open the book.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Puke fest at the Holt's

So, Saturday we went out and about with Nana to pick up some baseball equipment for Aiden.  He starts T-ball this season.  He is so excited!!  He has been watching his big brother play sports for the last few years begging to get out on the field himself.  Now is his time to shine!! 
After our shopping, we stopped by McDonald's to eat and play.  Aiden wasn't feeling too well.  He ended up puking all the way to the bathroom.  So sorry McDonald's and the surrounding families eating their lovely lunch.  With his allergies and gag reflex, he has gotten really good with getting to the bathroom in time but this time it snuck up on him.  Poor guy!!
Fast forward a few hours and this is what the boys were doing...
 That's right... they were wiped out.  Don't worry, we put them in their tent for the night and this is who was protecting them...

Brodie!!  I wonder if he realizes he is sitting inside a dog's mouth?? 
In the middle of the night, Ethan started calling us and to our surprise... he had gotten sick inside the tent an inch away from Aiden's face!  Thankfully, Aiden slept right through because he would have thrown up right along with him had he been awake.  (good ole gag reflex!)
I think both boys are over whatever was going on with their tummy's now.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that Mommy and Daddy are in the clear!

Anxiety Alert...

The last day or so my anxiety levels have seem to risen a bit.
Tomorrow is another day of my shot.  This will be the second one that Ryan administers.  I gave Ryan a thumbs sideways (can you tell I made that up??) for his efforts last week.  The shot part was not good but making sure the pain didn't last until Thursday... he gets a thumbs up.  I think he gave me the shot a little too high up in the biscuit area and not enough in the meaty part.  Wow... that makes a big difference.  Afterwards though he was able to massage the area to make sure the medicine spread enough to not knot or bruise as much.  I couldn't expect our nurse to do the same.  That would have been awkward.  So, tomorrow is another day and another chance for Ryan to change his thumbs sideways to a big thumbs up.  At least by week 36 he should have this down perfectly.
I am now in week 20 of my pregnancy.  Half way there and today is the first day that I have felt some braxton hicks and pressure.  I am sure this is normal but I worry about beginning to dilate early like I did with Aiden.  With Aiden, by week 25, I had already dilated to 1cm and 80% effaced which began my required shorter work weeks  and then ended with complete bed rest.  I have been praying that these shots and my bi-weekly appointments are keeping things in check.  
On Tuesday, I have my high risk appointment and of course, this makes me nervous (as I think they always will).  I need some good news or at least no new bad news.  Now is the time that her digestive system and bowels are forming and functioning and I know that this can cause issues for babies with DS.  I pray that this appointment doesn't show any new signs of her organs not forming/functioning properly.
At least, I was smart this time around and I wrote down my questions so I don't forget as soon as I enter the office.
So today, my prayer is for peace for me as well as my family.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ethan is growing up fast!!

This picture captures Ethan completely.  He is our big boy with just the right amount of silliness.

Some of Ethan's latest:

*A few nights ago, Ethan lost another tooth.  We have lost count as to his current total.  Thankfully, he pulled this one out as well.  He was really starting to make my stomach turn when he twists and wiggles those teeth.  Yuck!!

* Ethan brought home another report card with straight A's.  We aren't sure where he gets his smarts from but we will take it!  Keep'em coming big boy!!

* Ethan's latest life lesson-
He has a new classmate that started a few days ago.  I had been talking to him about how hard it must be to leave your familiar surroundings and start over in a new place.  But, he said she definitely isn't shy.  She sits by him and he told me last night that she colored on his clothes and had been mean to him and the other kids.  Of course, I asked why but figured she must be having a hard time adjusting to her recent move.  (I know I would) He told me he has already talked to her and explained that everyone already likes her so she doesn't have to be mean and if she is mean then the other kids won't want to play with her.  She told him that she is not used to all of these white people around her.  Ethan didn't know what to do with that.  He told me he said that I don't think it matters what color we are, we can all be friends.  (insert a picture of a very proud Mom here).  You see... until yesterday, Ethan never described his friends as black or white, they are just his friends.  He had never paid attention to the color of their skin.  I was so proud of the way he handled this situation and I pray he never changes!  Children at a young age are so innocent and have such pure hearts.  Don't you wish this never changed?!?

I am sure Ethan will have many life lessons in his future.  I hope he continues speaks with compassion and understanding.

* Surprise... Surprise... Ethan mentioned he would like to try playing football.  (At least until he starts high school, then he could get hurt!)  Football is one of the sports that he has never wanted to try.  He loves baseball and soccer and is ready to take up basketball.  We will see how long this football things lasts once sign up starts.

Special encounter...

Yesterday at work while on one of my many trips to go potty, (don't you just love that part of pregnancy?!?)  I was passing a lady and turned around to say "hello".  I immediately stopped once I noticed she had Down Syndrome.  She began to ask me some questions about the hotel and the changes she had noticed.  (she must come here often with her family- snow birds??).  So I explained some of the renovations happening and told her to have a good day.  Now... my brain was telling me the conversation was over and continue on to the restroom but my heart wanted to give her a hug, ask her if she is happy and then find her parents and ask a million questions.  I didn't do this of course, because they would just think I am a crazy pregnant woman so I went with my brain and bladder and headed on to the restroom.  Thankfully, I was the only one in there because I broke down immediately.  My thoughts were... that could be my baby girl one day all grown up.  I am thankful she was put in my path to show me that she was living a normal life in her 20's and did seem very happy.  It's the little things these days that get to me!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend updates

Saturday was Papa's birthday so we purchased some balloons to surprise him at work.  The boys love popping in on Papa but Aiden didn't understand why he wasn't getting his hair cut while he was there.  We will save that for another day. 
Afterwards, we went to the mall so they could eat some of their favorite Chinese noodles.  They normally go with Nana and Papa on Sunday's after church so this was my first experience watching them and I have to say... these boys can eat!
We ran into a few stores after lunch and this is what the boys purchased...
Noisy putty!!  Can you tell how happy this makes them?!?  I end up laughing because they get so tickled by it.  I did have to tell them that they can no longer play with in the stores.  After getting many looks from other shoppers, I couldn't handle it anymore.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby girl's name

We have finally decided on a name for our baby girl.  Well, at least the first name but that is a good start.  Ryan has picked the name Isabelle.  I think it is beautiful.  I had been throwing out some names and he wasn't really liking any of them.  I didn't mind because I wasn't sold on them either.  Then all of a sudden, he looked at me and said "I think it should be Isabelle."  So, we are going with it.  I think it will fit her very well.  Now, to just find a middle name!

One of those days...

It has been one of those day or shall I say... one of those weekends.  The boys have been driving me up the wall, I have been feeling a bit down about baby girl, and I am now beginning to stress over my shot tomorrow (the first one that Ryan is administering).  To top it all off... I am sick AGAIN!!  My throat is so sore and my head is congested again.  Being pregnant, I can't really take anything that will actually make me feel better.
I know all of these things will pass but experiencing them all at once has about sent me over the edge.  I know my  boys will one day grow out of the temper tantrum stage.  I am beginning to ask when but at the ages of 5 and 7, you would think that time is close.  Maybe?!?  Even though I am excited to meet our baby girl, I know I will still have those days of fear and "why me??".  This has to be normal!  I also know that tomorrow I will actually get through the shot with flying colors.  I might scream but that is OK since I am in my own house, right??  And being sick... well, this can't last forever either.
I have finally figured out that spaghetti and I are not friends (at least until this pregnancy is over).  The sight, smell and taste of it will easily make me want to hug the nearest toilet. After trying some delicious chicken pasta (well, delicious at the time) over the weekend,  I am now going to go ahead and just add all pastas to my list of things to stay clear of.  I know this will not fly too well with the boys since their favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.
Enough of my nonsense venting.  Tomorrow is a new day and I am ready for it.  Well, this does mean that it is work day but oh well.  A new day, new week and then a fresh new weekend.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One happy boy...

Look what someone introduced to us!!  It is soy butter (a substitue for peanut butter).  It smells and looks just like peanut butter but is made from soy.  Aiden had his first "PB"&J sandwich this weekend and he was so excited.  For those of us who are used to actual peanut butter, it doesn't taste the same but Aiden doesn't know the difference.  Yay for substitue peanut butter- you have changed Aiden's world!!

New Years Eve...

We decided to have a relaxing night for NYE so the boys and I went over to Chad and Steph's for some food and game night.  We left Daddy at the house to watch his FSU game in peace and quiet.  I am happy to report that FSU won so the boys and I were allowed to return to the house after midnight!  I was afraid that if FSU lost then we might have had a sleep over at Chad's. 
We started the night off with a bang! Literally... check out Aiden's nose.
He decided he was going to walk and play his DS-I at the same time.  Well... that didn't work out so well and he landed himself smack into a tree.  I think it embarrassed him more than anything which then set his night in a downward spiral.
Then Mrs. Henrietta (Steph's Mom) had each of the kids make a turkey out of different candies.  They had a blast making it and even more fun eating it. 
Aiden starting the process.  He had to get his own special plate since the recipe calls for peanut butter cups and he is allergic to peanuts.  So... we improvised.
Working hard! 
and here's the turkey 
Ethan getting started. 
Ethan going a little crazy!  I debated whether he would be able to actually eat the chocolate since he doesn't look like he needs any additional energy. 

Thanks for having us over Chad and Steph!! 

Christmas updates...

We had a great Christmas but I am just now getting around to posting some picutres. I love Christmas and the all of the decorations but I was so ready to get everything put away this year.
On Christmas Eve, Ryan had to go into work for a bit so we all went for breakfast and then drove Daddy to the hotel.  While he was working for a few hours, I took the boys to play at Baytowne.  They had a blast. 
Ethan and Aiden taking a quick break. 

They love this tire swing.  Mommy even gave it a try!
Aiden being cheesy. 

Merry Christmas from the boys! 
The boys learned how to sleep in late during their winter break.  I think it helped that they slept in their tent most every night downstairs.  Although we made them sleep in their room on Christmas Eve so Santa could make his visit, we still had to wake them up.  We were on a tight schedule for the morning so we had to up and going at 8am.  This is what they saw when they came downstairs.
Then they finally noticed their drum set and guitar.  We actually had to point them out since they immediately stopped at the tree. 
I love the look on Ethan's face.  Can you tell he is excited?? 
Our new musicians! 
By the morning, we had already started second guessing our purchases.  Hopefully our neighbors don't mind being woken up by some loud music.