Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random happenings...

Aiden's Team Mom for baseball has gotten some great pictures of him during the season.  Thank goodness...because I have been slacking.  Aiden is doing much better with batting but his fielding could use a lot of work.  He is still trying to decide what sport he is interested in so he still has time.  I think Aiden might be our artsy kid.  He loves to draw, sing and play the piano.  Although he is a lefty and my brother (former pitcher) and Papa would be a little upset if he didn't stick with baseball.

Doesn't he look interested???

This picture is right after he made it into home.  Can you tell he is excited?!?
I took a few days off work during the boy's spring break so I could spend some good one on one time with them.  I had major Mommy guilt because Izzy still went to daycare but the boy's needed some special time.  
Nana and I took the kids to the Gran Maze in Panama City Beach.  I am so glad we went in March because we were so hot.  I can not imagine trying to find my way out of a human maze during the heat of summer.  We split up and somehow Ethan finished about 45 minutes before all of us.  I was getting a little worried because he was the one person that we didn't keep running into and I finally climbed onto the bridge and looked over at the nice, cool cabana at the exit to find him laying in the shade relaxing.  I felt like the rat that couldn't figure out how to get to the cheese. 

Seriously... how do we get out of here???

Help us!!  We are lost and so hungry and thirsty.

Ryan had another plant sale at the Market Day in Niceville so the boys and I were on hand to help out.  Thankfully, Nana played with Izzy for the day so she wasn't stuck outside.
The boys tried to spend all of our earnings from the plant sale on snacks. 
 Aiden got the idea of becoming a street performer.  He put a plant pot out with a dollar bill and started singing.  Yes... he has no fear!  Ryan asked me to please make him stop but you can't crush a kid's dream, right??  Until, Aiden asked Ethan to be his dancer and Ryan put his foot down.  He paid Ethan a dollar to not dance.

Brotherly/Sisterly love...

This little guy... Pip Squeak and his adopted brother (Bugsy) have found a new home.  I posted them on Craigslist and by 11am the next day, they had found a new forever home.  The boys made me promise to ask that that these little guys weren't going to be a snack for another animal.
Just hanging with Mommy...
Izzy got a little too much sun at her brother's baseball game.  Bad Mommy!
Look at me... I finally figured out how to stand up in my crib!
 Sister doesn't like to share the remote.  I wonder where she got that from??
 Izzy got some new kicks.  Ryan was a little unsure but that's ok... Mommy and Izzy love them!
 Her new favorite way to sit and watch TV.  She also does this when she needs to go potty (#2).  Maybe this is a sign that we need to start introducing her to potty training.  I wonder what she would do if we sat her on the toilet??  Might have to try and find out.  We could be pleasantly surprised and be on our way to a diaper free family.
Just chilling after a long day at school.  Being a kid is hard work!
I sure do miss this little girl when I am working!!  I miss her brothers too but they won't sit still long enough for a picture these days. 
 Practicing her cruising around furniture. 
Look who got to try some chicken.  It is only a chicken nugget so I am not too sure how much actual chicken is in there, but he did great.  We are trying a little bit at a time when he is ready and hopefully we can mark this off of his allergy list.  He will eventually have to go in for a food challenge to officially remove chicken but this is a good sign!  His list is finally shrinking and hopefully he will eventually out grow all of his food allergies.
Sister got some cute new shades but she won't leave them on for anything. Boo!
 Like Mother like daughter...leopard print shoes.
 My two singers... 
This picture was taken right before Izzy got kicked out of the church service (by me not by Pastor).  Doesn't she look so innocent??  Don't let her fool you!
Being silly at Ethan and Aiden's baseball game.  Izzy is a great sport with being toted all over the place for her brother's activities.  She is learning to go with the flow.
This past weekend, we went to the Sasser home place for a fish fry.  The boys fished and played until they were worn out.  I was already worn out so I got a little nap in with Owen before heading home.  The advantage of having babies around... they need to nap and you can't leave them unattended.  That's my story and I am sticking to it!

I just don't believe it!

No- No Mommy... No more pictures!

Owen and Izzy just chilling in the sun.
Ethan and Aiden just hanging out ...

Now, we are all caught up on what has been happening with the Little Holt's.  We have been busy and life is never dull with our family but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Therapy update...

Izzy makes me one proud Mommy!  Sister has 4 hours of therapy each week and does little to no complaining.  She is learning and growing so much each week.  It is so exciting to see her progress!

Izzy's therapy breakdown:
Physical therapy 1x a week
Speech therapy 2x a week
Occupational 1x a week

During PT each week, Mrs. T works on pulling up to stand, walking and core strength.  Izzy gets to wear some bling during her sessions to add some extra weight.  She does love her sparkles.  Watch your wallet Daddy! 
Izzy loves Mrs. T and no longer signs all done when Mrs. T arrives to the house.  This is a good sign.
We are so happy Early Steps just approved Izzy to get ST twice a week.  She is a talker and learning so much so I can't imagine her progress now with therapy twice a week.  Izzy has about 10 signs (eat- her favorite and done with a lot of force, more, milk, ball, sing, please, all done), she can say quite a few words and is great at imitating sounds/words.  Sister loves to sing and shout.  I wonder where she learned that?!? 
She is getting more muscle tone in her lips and can now give you a puckered kiss.  This is huge for her and we are happy now that it feels like we aren't getting a bath every time she kisses us!
Izzy started back with a new OT a few weeks ago and we love her!!  She pushes her so hard during her sessions that Izzy is wiped out and sleeps all the way home.  She is learning to take her socks and shoes off and then put them back on.  She is working with puzzles, playing with play doh and pulling magnets apart.  I love watching her sessions because I never realized what she can learn from everyday objects.  I just didn't think about these things with the boys.
This swing looks like fun and Izzy loves it but she is actually using major core strength and using listening skills.  This teaches her balance and that she better hold on tight or she will go flying.
 She is learning to use a spoon.  This is a slow process but I think this might help with her throwing her food everywhere... now if she just won't throw the spoon.
Here she is working on balance and core strength.  She has to lean over the peanut and grab a peg then she has to pull the pegs apart (fine motor skills).

I am so glad she has a great relationship with all of her therapists.  I can't believe that she has already been in the program for almost 2 years.  We are grateful for these ladies and all they do for Izzy and also the time they take to teach Ryan and I our homework. 
She is such a good sport and our strong baby girl!  She makes us proud!!   

Friday, April 12, 2013

Making brownies...

Mama's work is never done!  We work all day, run the kids around town then come home to clean the house just a bit so it doesn't always look like a tornado ran through.  I complain often but I wouldn't trade being a Mommy for anything. 
Ethan wanted to make some brownies which really translates to Mommy making brownies.  I put him off for a few days especially since he reminded me at 9pm and Mommy is about to be off the clock at the time of the night- at least the kitchen is closed ( I don't think as a Mommy we are ever actually off the clock).  So while the boys were at baseball, Izzy and I got to work in the kitchen.
Izzy doesn't want to miss any of the action...

I think Izzy approves of the taste!
I guess they were good.  I wouldn't know because I didn't even get one.  Oh well... maybe next time!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sibling day

Today is National Sibling day.  Yeah, I just learned about it too. 
I am so thankful that my kids have each other.  The boys fight like no other right now but really deep down, I know they love each other and have each other's back. 
The boys love strong and fight hard.  It must be the age!  One minute they are playing so well and being kind and the next, one is reaching over the car seat to take a swing at the other.  I know at the end of the day though, that they will always be there for each other.
...and the relationship the boys have with Isabelle is so special. 
The boys are learning so much from Isabelle and she is learning from them.  They are learning acceptance and unconditional love.  Things that Isabelle is teaching them so much better than I could have alone.  Isabelle is learning from the boys just by watching and playing with them.   It is amazing that they incorporate things from her therapies without even knowing it.
Down Syndrome is not in the boy's vocabulary too often but sometimes they do ask questions and we answer them the best that we can. A child's mind is interesting... will her DS go away when she gets older?, will she look like us?, I wish she didn't have that scar on her chest, some days I wish she didn't have DS because I just want things to be easier for her (Ethan thinks deep sometimes).

We were upfront with the boys during my pregnancy so they knew Isabelle would be extra special when she was born.   From the beginning, they were always more concerned with her broken heart than they were with the Down Syndrome.  They couldn't comprehend such a big surgery for their baby sister.  Mommy and Daddy had a hard time with that one too!

At home, she likes to be wherever the boys are.  She will scoot herself right up next to them and invade their bubble.  All my kids are good at doing that.  We might need to start working on boundaries next. 
Isabelle can say each of her brother's names- Aiden is very clear and she has been calling both brothers that for a while but she just learned to say EYay (her version of Ethan) and she is so proud.  She lights up when they come into the room and when Isabelle cries, you can guarantee that the boys will be running into the room at any second to check on her. 

I am so thankful that these three kids have each other.  All three have a special bond with each other and I can't wait to watch them grow up together!