Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update on the boys...

Well... I thought we had gotten through one day without anyone getting sick but I spoke too soon. We did manage to get everyone a full night sleep (which was much needed). However, this morning I was in the kitchen getting Aiden a snack before daycare and I walked back into the living room and did a double take. Ethan was leaning over the couch throwing up on the floor. What??? I have cleaned up throw up for the last 5 days!! Thank goodness we are going to the doctor today because I feel a breakdown coming on if I see anymore throw up. We have got to get the boys feeling better and hopefully Mommy and Daddy don't catch this stuff.

On a brighter note:
Ethan has his first baseball practice tomorrow afternoon as well as a Kindergarten program at his school (busy day). He is making his big debut as an umbrella twirler. We aren't sure what that means but he is very excited. I will be sure to post pictures!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Schools on lockdown...

What??? in Bluewater Bay.
We got word this afternoon that there was a bank robbery in Merchants walk and all daycare and schools in Bluewater Bay were on lockdown.  Both of my boys attend school and daycare in Bluewater.  I feel a bit helpless stuck here in Destin at work while they are stuck in their schools.  I was able to call the Daycare and she said they were all ok but they have had the K-9s walk through as well as police with their guns.  There are also unmarked vehicles in the driveway with police walking around with guns.  At this point, she was more worried about the kids seeing the police with their guns drawn and the best way to explain the situation. 
From my understanding, Ethan had to go into the teacher's office behind locked doors for approximately an hour.  I bet that was fun for the teachers!!  I will have to see what he was told and his reaction to the situation when I get home.  I received plenty of texts and phone calls giving me updates on what was going on.  I am glad that everyone is safe and our kids were protected.    It seems like the schools did a great job handling this situation.

A night out

The boys stayed home from daycare with their Daddy yesterday.  They played some baseball, tried flying some kites and (I am sure) played lots of video games.  So they had a busy day and wore their Daddy out.  We decided to make dinner easy and headed to CiCi's pizza and then of course we had to visit the pet shop. 

Aiden fell in love with this bird.  He wanted to take him home even once he realized it cost over $3000 and would mean no toys for the rest of his life.
Ethan on the other hand, wanted a $10 hamster.  I hate to admit that he was a bit cute but stinky. 
Daddy is a bit scared!
The bird really like his hat
And this bird ate the button off of his hat.  I guess he was hungry.

Sick boys...

First a little background...
Aiden was a preemie (although he weighed over 7lbs.) and gave us quite a scare during his first feeding with the nurse in the hospital. He choked on his formula and stopped breathing for a bit and was put on oxygen for the next two days. I had to leave him at the hospital once I was released which was very hard for me. He had been right there with me for the last 9 months. From the time he came home from the hospital we figured out he would need a little extra care in the feeding department. We couldn't figure out a formula that would work best for him. We took a few trips to the children's hospital in Pensacola for some testing and many visits with his pediatrician and finally found his special formula (expensive but seemed to work best). He still would get sick and not be able to hold down his feedings and we quickly learned to always carry a towel with us because majority of the time, his food/formula would come back for one more visit. It is sometimes hard for people to understand or grasp when we try to explain how he gets sick unexpectedly and we often times find ourselves apologizing to the tables next to us in restaurants who has the pleasure of being around during those times he does get sick. Over the years and with the doctor’s help we now know what foods he is allergic to and what we need to avoid. Through the years, I have gotten use to getting puked on, running to the nearest toilet and even slipping in it when we can't get there fast enough. However, for the past three nights, Aiden has gotten sick during the middle of the night. We have changed numerous sheets, gone through tons of clothing, washed Mo a few times and taken showers at Midnight. I am thinking this can't be from his food... is it a stomach bug?? He is fine during the day but then come night time... it starts. All I do know is that it is now affecting our sleep and we can not get use to this.

Poor little Aiden after a long night of getting sick. Now... don't judge my outfit. I must remind you that it had been a long night. All Aiden kept saying was "please... call my doctor. He will answer the phone. I need him." Pitiful!! He sure does love his doctor with the bow tie!!
He is finally getting some much needed rest!
I made an appointment for him to see his doctor tomorrow.   Hopefully we can get through tonight without any issues.
Ethan is also not feeling well.  He seems to be getting the flu so he will be joining us at the doctor's tomorrow.  Although, his teacher did email me and that front tooth finally fell out!!  This is helping him get through his day.  He has wanted to lose a tooth at school so he could visit the nurse and get the special tooth holder to bring home. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our little man...

Aiden is our talker. He is very outgoing and funny. He keeps us laughing and sometimes on our toes because we aren't sure what he will say next (or to someone’s face that might not be the most appropriate). We are trying to change their bedtime to 8:30 because it seems so late by the time they actually get into bed after our prayers, brushing teeth, drinks of water, stretching... (You catch my drift, they prolong bedtime). This is the time that Aiden likes to ask random questions, sing or just talk. We have now told him that he can ask us one question and then no more talking. He has to really think hard about that one question. Last night, he said "I just want to tell you that I love you so much, but that doesn't count as my question, Ok." Then he asked if I would miss his voice since he isn't aloud to talk anymore at night. How can we get upset with him after that!?! He knows how to pull my heart strings. Gotta love that little man!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Yard Sale

We had a yard sale on Saturday.  We had a lot of big items that we needed to get rid of and we couldn't wait for the community sale in April.  So we posted it in the paper and got up really early.  We only lasted about 2 hours.  I am not very patient and when all of our big items sold, I was done!  I think I might wait for our annual community sale from now on.  It was way too cold and we get a lot more foot traffic in April. 
I did want to show you what the boys contributed.  We told them that if they sold some of their toys then they could keep the money.  They were very excited but see below on what they contributed...
Wow!! All of the toys they have and this is what they came up with???

The rest of Aiden's crazy week at school

Hat day at school for Aiden-

Friday, February 5, 2010

Loose teeth...

I have an amazing son. Ethan pulls out his own teeth!! I love it. I am so grossed out with that entire process and after his first tooth (which was pulled out by his friend's Mom) he only wants to pull them out himself. You will not hear me complaining. So this morning, his front tooth was starting to bother him because it was so loose, he just pulled it out. This also might have something to do with him trying to save some money for a toy he has been asking about. He would like a Star Wars character pack and he has to save to buy it. Well... the tooth fairy will be visiting tonight so he is now closer to his goal.
He is starting to look a little silly with his missing teeth but he is very excited about all of his teeth falling out.  It means he is becoming a big boy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weekend pictures

We went for coffee on Saturday with Chad and Steph and let the kids play a bit before starting our day. Our day was filled with cleaning the garage to get prepared for a yard sale this weekend. I have put it in the paper now so there is no backing out. Here are some pictures of the boys having some fun...

Backwards day...

Tuesday was backwards day at Aiden's Preschool. He wanted to wear everything backwards right down to his underwear but I thought that might be a bit uncomfortable. I don't know... I am not a boy but just a thought. So I talked him into just his shirt and pants. He was very proud to show off his new style at school.

The Preschool blues...

This morning Aiden woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He automatically started whining from the moment his foot hit the bottom step of the stairs. So when it was time to get dressed he asked "Mommy, is today school day? Please oh Please just say no!" What is this kid trying to do to me? Is he trying to make a working Mom feel even more guilty because he has to go to preschool so I can go to work? I think he can sense that I feel guilty at times and he plays on this. Once he gets to school, he loves it and is learning so much. He sure knows how to make Mommy feel guilty but you still gotta love him.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Crazy week at school...

Aiden's class at Pre-K is doing crazy week. Each day they have a different way to dress or do their hair. Today is crazy hair. This should be a fun week and I will try and post pictures of his different look each day. (don't mind his puffy eyes in the picture. He is having some allergy issues).