Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Costume preview...

Here is a preview of the boys costumes for Halloween. Aiden is a clone trooper and Ethan is a ... (I will have to ask Ryan and get back with you). They decided to go with the Star Wars theme.
You can't tell very well, but Aiden has a huge grin underneath his mask.Here are some of their moves...

Busy Weekend...

This weekend was packed with projects ,parties and games. We started off Friday with a pumpkin carving party. Mikayla, Ian and Stephanie came over for the "fun".

Getting started...
Let the fun begin...

The finished project. As you can tell... I had some trouble with Mickey.
On Saturday, we started our morning off with some much needed haircuts from Papa.

Ethan then had a soccer game (explains the uniform) and afterwards we went back to the Pumpkin patch for the petting zoo and jumping house.

They would have stayed all day holding these bunnies if I would have allowed. Aiden wanted to take the black one home with us.(he named him bunny.. original wouldn't you say) I didn't tell them that they were actually for sale.
Aiden sat on the stem of the pumpkin so that might explain his facial expression!
Another picture of bunny.
After the Pumpkin Patch we had a birthday party to attend at the BWB McDonalds.
Then... after the birthday party we had one more stop to make before I could call it a night. We had to attend the LaPetite Fall Festival. Pics to follow...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Soccer Pictures

Pictures of Ethan during his soccer season...

Ethan's bling...

Ethan has had some issues with his teeth lately. He seems to be prone to cavities so he has made many trips to the dentist. This past week he had a very rough visit. Thank goodness these are his baby teeth and we are now setting into place his new brushing routine and eating habits. He has been a very good sport through it all. You will notice, he now has a silver tooth (his bling). We have tried to make it seem like this isn't a very big deal because we didn't want him to be self conscious about it. It turns out that now all of his friends want a silver tooth. We explained that if they eat too much candy and not brush very well then they too can have one of their very own.

Pumpkin Patch

We took the boys to the Pumpkin patch on Monday. They have been asking to go since the beginning of October. We have never seen that many pumpkins before. We ended up with 8 pumpkins in the back of our truck by the time we pulled the boys away. The Methodist Church had an abundance of pumpkins this year so they gave us a bunch for free. Tonight we are going to have a pumpkin carving party so we will post pictures soon.
Say Cheese!!

Ian- stuck in the pumpkin.

Ethan trying to pick up the largest pumpkin he could find.

What?? I didn't do anything. Daddy and Aiden

Aiden's birthday party

Aiden's party at the Children's park. He got lots of cool toys.
Nana got Aiden a singing balloon. He is still singing a week later. Will it ever deflate?

This is Aiden at the end of the day. He is out...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Aiden is 4!!

Today is Aiden's 4th birthday. He walked in to my room this morning with a huge smile expecting you know.... for his Mommy to sing him Happy Birthday. I think I sang it a bit too slow because he had to go potty and he eventually shut the door in my face. Oh well.
He is very excited because tomorrow he is having his very first friend birthday party. He has been attending his brother's parties for a few years now and it is finally his turn.
We will post lots of pictures after this weekend.
Here is Aiden through the years...

My baby is growing up so fast.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Soccer game...

Ethan had another soccer game on Saturday morning. He is really getting into this sport. He kicked in 2 goals and their team finally won!!

Yes, we do realize his shorts are up under his pits. He is so much taller than the other kids and I think the shorts are made to fit most sizes. When we tuck in his shirt and he lifts his arms, they ride right back up to his arm pits. ( I think it bothers me than it bothers him) Also, I have been informed that those white socks are now considered his lucky socks. Ethan has kicked in 3 goals with these socks so they will be the only socks he wears for the rest of the season.

Sasser Family Reunion (Nana's family)

We all headed to Chipley on Saturday for the annual Sasser Reunion. The boys wanted to get up there early so they could fish before all the festivities got started. Ethan loves to fish even though he has only gone a few times. Aiden is not that into it yet. If a fish doesn't bite immediately then he is done.
On Sunday we spent some time at the Falling Waters State Park. It is less than a mile from the home place and we have never been there (Sad to say). There is a lake, playground with picnic tables and sink holes everywhere.

There is a story behind this large tree stump that Ethan is standing on... (short version) 2 years ago at the reunion this large tree fell over on top of a shed where everyone gathers to have a bonfire, fellowship and cook the meat. There weren't any major injuries which is a miracle. They took a portion of the tree and set it in the new play area they made for the children.

Mikayla doing some fishing.

I even tried to do some fishing. I didn't last long... it was so hot!

Ian tyring out his new spider man fishing pole.

Chad helping Ethan take his first fish off the line.

Ethan caught a lot of fish. Can you see the excitement?

This is what Aiden thought of the whole fishing time. He lost interest very quickly.

The boys and I went on a hayride. Not a good idea for someone with allergies. As you can see, Aiden is itchy.

This is at the Falling Waters Park.

This is Aiden at the park. He had a very rough weekend with his allergies and asthma. I think this had to have been the hottest weather we have had at our reunions.