Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas with the Little Holts

Wow... Christmas was sure busy!!  I am tired just thinking about everything we had to do but now it is over and we made some great memories.
We were a little behind on visiting Santa, so this past weekend we made a trip out to the Commons for a little Santa time and dinner.
Izzy needed a pick me up before getting started. - (don't worry... it wasn't open.  This was actually my pick me up for a night at the Commons with 3 kids by myself)

 We waited in line for a while but it was worth it.  We love Santa at Bass Pro!  Izzy made friends with others waiting and they helped me entertain her and keep her awake.
Afterwards, we headed to Johnny Rockets for dinner.  Thankfully this restaurant is normally loud because the kids were extra hyper so we seemed to fit right in!
One of Izzy's Christmas gifts came in a little early so on Saturday, we decided to go ahead and let her try it out.  Izzy was introduced to the Y Bike by her PT and she did great.  This is going to help her with core strength and standing/walking.

Look at me... I am standing!!
This is what we think of taking pictures.  Not a fan!  I don't like my picture taken right now, the boys just want to make silly faces and Izzy is just hanging out- literally. 
 The boys stayed in "big Church" to watch Owen get dedicated and this is what happened during the sermon.  Both slept.  Sorry Pastor Barry!!  You weren't boring but I don't think the boys are quite ready for big Church.

On Christmas Eve we went over to Mimi and Poppys' for dinner and gifts.  We were all spoiled and ate some great food.

Izzy got so excited over the instruction manual. 

Bean bag chairs.  Now hopefully they won't stand right in front of the TV.  Wishful thinking.

Izzy loves her blanket

After Christmas at the Holt's, we headed to the Candlelight Service.
It was a great service to help us remember what Christmas is really about!
Christmas morning we got up a little after 7am to open gifts at our house.  We told the boys the night before not to wake us before 7am.  About 6:45 we heard them run out to the tree, giggle and then run back to their room.  I love their excitement! 

Izzy checking out her pink alien.

Nope... I am not going to look.

Donuts.  Give me more donuts!

Still not interested in her new toys.  She only wants to love on her wipes and instructions.

The boys testing out their new PS3 game while sitting in their new bean bag chairs.
After our presents, we headed over to Nana and Papa's for lunch and gifts. 
Trying to get a picture of the kids.  There were a lot of these type of pictures...
A lot of pictures taken but one turned out good.
 Then, it was time for silly pictures.

Isabelle and Owen are ready to open some presents.


 We had a great Christmas spent with family.  We stuffed ourselves full of good food and now it is time to start working off the extra weight we put on.  Fun times ahead!!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Mommy... where is Ethan storming off to?!?  This is Ethan's new thing, when he doesn't get his way he storms off.  Where does he go- you ask???  No where because where would a nine year old go.  I don't like this new thing of his and I am hoping by ignoring the behavior... this will soon stop.
I tried this too when I was a kid- not with my parents because I knew better.  I remember we were on a shopping trip and us girls got this bright idea that we could just walk home (about 45 mins away).  That didn't last long and I don't remember trying it again.

If Aiden were President...
He would stop all wars and allow gum chewing and pets at school.

Izzy loves to act like a prisoner with her new gate.  She also loves to stare out the window at the outside world.  Her newest thing is to throw things over the gate onto the stairs.  Gotta love this!  She has worked for a while trying to get her baby to fit through the slats but it just isn't happening- so baby got left behind.
Izzy loves on anything and everything these days.  This time... it was her wipes a few minutes later it might be underwear.  Whatever makes Sister happy! 
Can you tell Izzy enjoyed her dinner?!?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Girls night...

This past weekend, Mikayla (niece) and I went out for a night on the town.  We went ice skating at Baytowne, had dinner and then finished up a little Christmas shopping- for her.
 We lasted about 45 minutes before we were cold and worn out.  Us Florida girls would never last up north!   
After dinner, we headed over to Destin Commons for some coffee and shopping.  We tried to visit Santa for a picture but he had already headed back to the North Pole for the night.

I loved spending some one on one time with Mikayla and we will definitely have to plan another night out soon.  I felt like a kid again running from store to store and laughing/talking about teenage things.  The next morning after ice skating, I was quickly reminded I am older than I remembered. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sasser Christmas party

Weekends in December are full of traveling, parties and more.  We headed up to Chipley for our annual Sasser Christmas party.  We enjoyed some great food, a hayride with Santa and exchanging gifts. 

Who is this man with the long beard everyone gets so excited about?!?  As you can tell, Izzy and Owen were not too impressed with Santa.
Present time!

 This little stinker picked a gift that we brought from home. 
 Izzy and Mikayla
 This is what Izzy looks like after a long night of partying.  She drank a little too much and had an accident on Mikayla.  Sorry about that Mikayla!!

We love family parties and are finally almost ready for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hotel Christmas party

The kids hitched a ride with a friend to our annual work Christmas party last week.  They look forward to it every year and this year was no different.  I am one of the Elves that hands out the gifts to all the kids so I was a busy bee and the kids had to occupy themselves.  They did great!!
They got their face painted, then got balloons and then filled up on popcorn while watching a Christmas movie.

 Izzy was looking spiffy for the party.  She was very social and went to anyone willing to walk her around.

 Santa and his reindeer

The boys sure missed Daddy but we all had a great time as always.
When we got home, I found a note from Aiden for his Daddy.
They are still having to get used to his new work schedule and they don't like it very much.