Friday, September 28, 2012

Heart day- One year ago today

Isabelle, today is your heart day. One year ago today, I placed you in the arms of a nurse and watched as she walked you through the double doors and into the operating room. That was one of the hardest Mommy moments for me. I had to trust God like never before and trust that the doctor would take care of you and bring you back to me safe and healthy. I am so thankful for your Doctor and his team that they were able to repair your heart and now you are a new little baby. You no longer sleep most of the day due to lack of oxygen or from being overly tired. You can drink all the milk you want and need in one sitting without taking a break to rest. You are getting stronger each and every day. These are the little things that I took for granted when your brothers were babies.
The moment I was allowed into your room after your surgery was tough.  I wasn't prepared for what I saw.  Yes, I read blogs and looked at pictures but you are my baby and I wasn't prepared to see my baby like this.  I had to stay strong though because you needed me now more than ever.   

Recently, I told someone that your heart surgery was just this past September and just a few days ago I realized that “just this past September” was actually a year ago. It still feels like it was yesterday or just a few months ago. If I stop and think about it, all of the feelings/emotions come flooding back in. I am so thankful for this day - because you are healthier- but to be honest, I try not to think about it too much. That day and the days that followed are ones that a Mommy doesn’t forget but it is a part of us and the journey we are on. 

But Sister… you are such a strong girl. You amazed me, your entire family and the hospital staff. Everyone grew to love you in that short stay. Towards the end of your hospital stay, I would come in for the day and you would be chilling at the nurses’ station and that made me smile inside. I knew you were getting a little extra love and you so deserved it.

You are perfect and you’re Mommy, Daddy and brothers (along with many others) love you to the moon and back. It has taken me a while but I now know that God knew we needed you- just the way you are- in our lives. We couldn’t have asked for a better baby girl to complete our family.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soccer time

Soccer has started and we are at the fields bright and early every Saturday.  Isabelle is a great sport and enjoys cheering for her brothers during their games. 
Sharing a snack during brother's game.
 Ethan's first soccer game: It rained like crazy and the boys had a blast.  The parents... not so much.  We sat in the dugout cheering from a distance.
 Aiden tried goalie for a bit but thankfully the coach realized he isn't up for the task just yet.  Goalie always stresses Mommy out!

Ethan is doing great -when he remembers what sport he is actually playing.  He loves football right now.  He lives it, watches it, and probably dreams about it.  So he is wanting to practice and play football every chance he can.  His last soccer game, we had to remind him what sport he was playing.  He had his hands in the air, diving for the ball and blocking the other players. 
Aiden is still learning.  He is more interested in talking with the coach or playing with his new friend.  During half time, I run to give him a puff of his inhaler thinking a little boost will help him.  He is trying and learning but at six... he gets distracted easily.  But, when he gets in there, the boy can run and kick hard.  So I know he has it in him, it will just take some time.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ethan's 9th birthday

I am a little late with this post but better late than never. 
Ethan turned 9 on September 13th.  He is growing up way too fast! 
This year he wanted to have his party at Destin Laser Tag so we condensed his party list and we made it happen.  They had a blast!  Two hours of running around and screaming- and that was just me- but it was worth it to see the smiles on the boy's faces.
12 boys and 1 girl + 2 games of laser tag/glow in the dark mini golf = 1 happy 9 year old boy!

This is what everyone looked like during the party.  As long as you smiled- we could see you!
Ethan got tons of beyblades, legos and some awesome spy gear.  And... we can't forget the nerf gun.  I have actually claimed this new nerf gun as my own.  The kids now have to take cover when they enter the room because they never know when I will be waiting and no one is off limits.  Even Ryan and Izzy have been my target.  We have all gotten some good laughs (much needed) the last few days. 

Ethan... you gave me the title of Mommy.  I dreamed about you for a long time and you are everything I could have ever imagined.  You definitely keep me on my toes.  You are extremely sensitive, shy at times and have a kind heart.  I love you to the moon and back!  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bath time

Bath time= play time. Isabelle splashes until there is barely any water in her tub. Her new trick... making beards and taste testing the water.

How do I look?


First tooth

Can you see something?!?  Well... I can't either but I can feel it.  It is a tooth!! 

Isabelle, I have been smiling since last night and I know it is silly but it is all because I felt your first tooth!!  It seems like we have been waiting forever for that first tooth to peek through.  You won't let me see it but I can feel it.  It is your back molar on the top.  Yep, who needs those front teeth first.  Let's get the big ones out of the way then work on the front teeth.  That is how Izzy rolls! Who needs to be just like everyone else?!? 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well that was interesting...

Last night, I attended Aiden's 1st grade Open House.  I squeezed into his tiny desk and waited for the presentation to begin.  I quickly learned that I was missing a big piece from the puzzle.  Everything the teacher was discussing and all of the slides were about our kids being gifted/talented.  I checked his name on his desk and opened his little "About me" book one more time just to make sure I was in the correct class.  Sure enough... I was!    
So then, I leaned over to my neighbor Mom and asked- Is this class Team Quest?  After a strange look, she said yes, this is the gifted program.  Say What?!?  How did I miss this?? 
Aiden was tested over the summer for the gifted program and missed the cut off by 2 points.  We were told that if there is room in the program then he will get in but they would call us to let us know.  We never received a call so we assumed he was in the typical classroom setting.  We never even noticed when we went to the initial Orientation.  As you can probably tell, we are not very observant.  Well... it runs in the family.  I asked Aiden if he realized he was in Team Quest?  His response... what is that?  That's my boy. 
I loved learning about the curriculum for Team Quest.  I think Aiden is going to be awesome and learn so much.  Here's to a great year in the gifted program!!  Let's hope Mommy can keep up with the homework. 
Our little class clown!
I sure hope his teachers are ready for a little crazy this year!  Aiden is going to keep them on their toes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Isabelle's happenings

Isabelle is now 15 months (well...16 months on the 23rd) and she is becoming such a big girl!  She is weighing in at 19 lbs so we are finally beginning to bring out her 6-9 months clothing. Yay!!
She loves table food and so far, we haven't found anything that she doesn't like.  Sister is not picky!  Isabelle still doesn't have any teeth but I have been told not to worry... they shall come.
She is officially a bum scooter and she is fast!  She is in to everything and this makes me so happy.  Who knew I would be doing cart wheels over having to baby proof the house.  We celebrate all her accomplishments- big and small. 

She is doing great with physical therapy.  Although her therapist would not be happy with the sight of this...

She is staying in the 4 point crawl position for longer periods of time without getting upset so this is a small breakthrough.  Isabelle has turned into quite the comedian as well.  As soon as Mrs. T turns the corner to begin PT, Isabelle waves high and then signs all done.  No-No Sister, you have work to do!  She is or stubborn little girl but she is so very smart.
Isabelle still loves the water and enjoyed our days at Big Kahunas over the summer.  She even has a slight tan to prove it. 
 She loves her brothers and ... she is loved by many.

She loves new toys- even if they are only big boxes...

What?!?  I didn't do anything wrong.
We have decided to take a big step and ask her Daycare to slowly transition her into the toddler room.  This was a hard decision but we know she is ready.  We wanted to wait until she could move around independently and she has got that covered now.  She is drinking from a sippy cup and loves to feed herself.  So now, she is ready to move up to the big girl class.  Right after I made the call, I shed a few tears because she is my little baby and I am not ready to let go just yet but I think Isabelle is ready.  Like I said, she is stubborn and she knows a lot more than we sometimes give her credit.  She will cheat if given the chance so I think the move will help her in the long run.  She will now be with her peers and this might push her a bit. 
Isabelle Claire- you brighten my day.  I love picking you up after a long day at work only to be greeted with with your big toothless smile and cute wave.  Seeing you makes any stress or worries disappear for the time being.  Mommy loves you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Little Fishermen

Recently, we made a quick trip to Chipley with my family to do a little fishing.  The only things missing were Daddy (he has been working odd hours lately) and a little breeze.  It was so hot, I swear I was actually going to melt - totally not possible but if it were... I would have been like a bowl of mushy soup on the ground. 
The boys absolutely love going to Chipley.   They can run free, scream as loud as they would like and have no worries in the world.  They often ask to go to Chipley so they were pleasantly surprised when we planned this spontaneous fishing trip.  They played until they are completely worn out.  It definitely makes for a nice and peaceful ride home!
Just getting started.

Taking a break from fishing for a bit.
Trying out Papa's new fishing pole.

Ethan is going a little crazy from all the heat!

Aiden now thinks he is an Indian.  That stick somehow made its way back to our house!

Isabelle trying to stay cool with a little stretching.
 Isabelle and Owen spent most of their time in the shade with Nana. I spent most of my time trying to think of an excuse to go and check on Izzy so I could get in the shade.   I love the Florida sun but there are some days when it is just way too hot to be outside. 

The boys were a little surprised that I could bait a hook and take a fish off the line.  I did a little fishing back in the day but you would have rarely seen me bait my own hook and never would I have attempted to take a fish off the line.   But hey... I am a Mom now and the kids needed help.  I got over my fears of fish guts and just did it.  I think Mommy earned some cool points that day.

He caught a fish!

So did Ethan.

A nice rainbow to finish off our great day! 
We enjoyed our afternoon with the family - fishing and a picnic.  If only we could have had Ryan there, added in a little breeze and minus the millions of love bugs-the day would have been picture perfect!