Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane = lazy day for the Holt's

We were all stuck in the house yesterday (except Daddy) so we stayed in our Pj's all day long.  By night time, I finally took a shower and put on new Pj's- yep... I wasn't joking- lazy!  We were prepared with our food, water and moved everything off the back porch.  But... we woke up to sunshine and Mr. Sunshine stayed all day long.   So, we ate a lot of food, drank a little bit of water and watched a ton of TV.  Yes, I didn't win the Mother of the year award yesterday.
Some things we did to break up the boredom...
Ethan found every diaper in the house and covered Izzy.  This actually lasted for about an hour.  It's the little things that make them happy!
Izzy then decided to take a little cat nap amongst all the diapers.

I did try and do some cleaning but this is the only way I could get some laundry done.  Izzy loves to unfold and throw all the clean clothes.  Her new hobby- Mommy is not a fan!
This picture was taken from our back deck around 5:45pm.  At this point, Isaac was pretty calm.  5 minutes later, the wind picked up and rain started.
Today, our Destin beaches are looking pretty small and sad.  The waves are still strong but hopefully once this is over, our nice beach will be back to normal.

Thankful that we are all safe and praying for those effected from Hurricane Isaac.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend happenings...

We had a pretty laid back weekend.  We braved the stores to try and stock up for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac.  We were late in starting to prepare so a lot of items were already out of stock.  Hopefully we have enough to get us through if anything happens.  I am making one more stop on the way home today to pick up diapers and formula (how could I forget these!!).  Things could get a little messy if we ran out of these necessities. 
Isabelle being destructive before bed.

Mid morning nap

Getting a little help with laundry

Everybody loves Kung fu fighting!

Milk overload

Peek a boo!

Cheering her brother during soccer practice

Doing her nightly tongue exercises with the NUK brush
On Saturday, we went to Big Kahunas- just me and the kids.  The boys don't like it as much when Izzy comes (sorry Izzy!) because that means that don't get to ride as many rides.  But... BK is closing after next weekend so we wanted to get another trip in.  BK always puts Izzy to sleep.  She was out after 5 minutes.
Papa is moving barber shops after 43 years.  They have put in a lot of work in the new shop but it looks great!   More updated and modern- I am excited for Papa!!  Saturday and Sunday afternoon was spent doing some final touches and cleaning before he opens back up.  The boys took turns being the barber.  They took their job very serious. 
Aiden and Barber- Ian.
Aiden also lost another tooth yesterday (no pictures yet).  This one had a little more drama attached.  He lost his top front tooth last week and then his other front tooth was hanging on for dear life and all three boys (Ethan, Aiden and Ian) were wrestling.  Ethan pushed Aiden and Aiden feel into Ian and the tooth ended up in his hand.  The world had ended according to Aiden because he tooth wasn't quite ready even though it was literally hanging.  Oh well, he looks much better now that both front teeth are out.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School

Ethan is now in the 3rd grade and Aiden is in 1st.  They were excited to start school minus the homework. 
I did make an attempt to get some descent first day of school pictures and this is what I got...

Or how about this one...
Yep, thanks Aiden.  You will be sorry you made these faces when you are a teenager and I show your friends/girlfriend. 
Back to school and back to a ultra busy life!

What to do???

Monday night, I took the kids to dinner for a little first day of school celebration while Daddy was working.  We were sitting at our table working on tic- tac- toe when I felt someone staring.  I began to watch as the man from the table next to us just stared at Izzy- far too long.  He stared at her his entire dinner.  I caught his eye a few times and smiled but he just kept staring.  Now, I admit... I am a starer.  I prefer to call it people watching (it makes me feel better) but we all know it is really staring.  However, I know when I have been caught and I need to refocus on something else.  This guy... not so much.  I know Izzy is beautiful but I think he was trying to figure her out. 
As Izzy's mother, I of course, know she has DS but there are days when I don't think her features are as obvious.  When we are out and about, most people don't realize she has Down Syndrome plus this tid bit of information is not something I just throw out there during a first meeting.  Hi, this is Isabelle and she has Down Syndrome.  Down Syndrome, is of course, a part of our lives but we do live a very normal life- for us. 
I am still new to all of this and I am just not sure what to do in these type of situations.  But I did want to say something, not to be rude, but maybe ask him if he had any questions or open the door if he did want to say something- I don't know.  Maybe he was staring to figure her out or maybe he knows someone or has a loved one that has DS or a disability.  Or... maybe he thought I was crazy to have brought 3 kids to a semi nice restaurant all by myself.
I know I search for little girls/boys that have DS in our community but I have still not gone up to one of those Moms or Dads and said anything.  I simply stare.  Maybe one day I will feel comfortable to walk up to someone.  This is all a learning experience for me but I do know that Isabelle is beautiful and she knows how to make people smile.  If only she would have realized he was staring she probably would have waved and opened the door for conversation.  Maybe next time!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hide and seek

Last night, I put Izzy into bed and go about my business.  I turn the corner and find the boys snickering and acting silly and they tell me to go check out Izzy.
This is what I find...
Can you find Izzy?!?
The boys just thought they were hilarious!!  Sorry Izzy, but you might as well get used to this.  I think you will have your hands full in the future with the boys and their pranks.

Another lost tooth

This time, it is Aiden's tooth.  His front tooth to be exact.  This thing has been hanging on for dear life and was starting to overlap his other front tooth. 

His new teacher, during orientation, even noticed and said hopefully that tooth will be gone by the first day of school.  Maybe she is like Mommy and doesn't like to deal with wiggly teeth!!
Last night, we had all had enough of this tooth but no one was brave enough to just pull it.  Daddy tried but his stomach turned, Ethan even tried but he said it was too slippery.  I just sat on the bed with my eyes covered.  I know... not a good Mommy moment.  With a lot of wiggling and a little pulling, Aiden finally got the tooth out.

So last night, we had a visit from the little tooth fairy and Aiden was so excited to wake up to a dollar under his pillow.  A dollar is apparently less than what his friends are getting but our tooth fairy is on a budget and at this point... Aiden doesn't seem to mind.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Half pipe

The boys finally got up the nerve to try the Honolulu Half Pipe at Big Kahunas.  I am so proud of them!!  I would love to try it but 1) I would probably lose my bathing suit (not pretty!) and 2) break a limb (don't have time for that right now).  Ryan thought about trying it as well but he saw a few Dads lose their suits and opted out.  I don't like getting older!!
They did awesome even though I could tell they were nervous.  A few more times and they will be champs!

Too much fun!  Our Big Kahuna trips will be coming to an end soon so we will probably be spending the next few weekends at the park to make sure the boys are good and water logged to last them the winter season.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lazy weekend...

I read somewhere recently that it has rained for 40 days straight (+ a few now).  This weekend was no exception.  So, we spent the weekend inside being lazy!  We had some good family fun watching TV, playing games and even doing a little cleaning. 
Izzy did a few firsts this weekend as well.  She is an official scooter.  She doesn't go far or move very fast, but she does scoot on her bum.  We were playing a game of UNO (I won!) and Izzy kept scooting herself right in the middle to snatch every one's cards.  She may not be fast with her scooting but her fast hands make up for it.  Watch your stuff!
I also found her sitting in her crib yesterday morning.  I had always said, I would be camera ready for this day but I do realize she probably got to the position in the completely wrong form.  This didn't take away my joy though... sister knows how to sit up in her own special way.  She is quick and doesn't want to hear you tell her she needs to sit up correctly.  But we are still working on the correct form to sit up and she will still learn how to do it.  She is really stubborn.  She really does know how to sit up properly but just refuses.  See what I mean... she was feeling a little lazy too.
Playing a game of UNO

Izzy doing an little morning reading.  She is getting good at flipping the pages all by herself.

Izzy getting caught up in the laundry.  Love me some clean sheets!!

Playing a little beyblades with brother.  She thinks he is so cool.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Laser tag

A few nights ago we took the boys to play laser tag.  They have been begging all summer and we promised before school started we would go.  Well... school is just around the corner so they got their wish. 
Izzy got all dolled up to cheer on her brothers!  She was so excited even though she had no idea what we were doing. 
The boys were also super excited for their night out and finally getting to play laser tag with their Daddy. 

Isabelle and I waited patiently while the boys were playing.  We were fascinated with our glowing clothes until we began noticing all the lint -everywhere- that we didn't realize we had on us when we entered the building.  I felt the need to wash all of our clothes for a second/third time and to take a bath just for good measure. 

The final scores: Ethan- Laser Ace/ Ryan- Laser Commander and Aiden...who knows. He came running out and forgot to look at his final score.  That's our Aiden!

We have a few more weeks before school starts so time to get everyone back into the routine of earlier bedtime and homework.  Oh the joys of school!