Thursday, August 29, 2013

My baby loves me again!!

So much so that we are now sharing Tonsilitis.  Yep... we can't seem to catch a break around the Holt household. 
Ryan took us girls in to the clinic on Tuesday night to get checked out.  I think he was tired of hearing me complain about my sore throat.  I can tolerate a lot - especially these days- but give me a sore throat and I will whine like a baby. 
The doctor took one look at both of us and prescribed us some antibiotics.  Thankfully, the medicine seems to have kicked in quickly for us both and we are now on the mend.  We both put our dancing shoes on and danced a jig this morning (me- from the wheelchair).  We are thankful to be feeling back to our old self again.
and I am so thankful that my baby girl is no longer scared of me and my boo-boos!!  Now she looks forward to taking a spin in the wheelchair instead of screaming for someone to come rescue her if I would  try to hold her or sneak a hug.
Life is slowly getting back to normal!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

We're alive...

Literally... we are alive and I am so thankful.
The kids and I were in a car accident on Wednesday, the 14th.  We were minding our business on our way to church probably singing to the radio and before we knew it... we were in a bad accident.  Looking at my car, I know the outcome could have been so different if not for God watching over us.  I got the brunt of the injuries but I will take that any day just to know that my kids are ok. 
We have had a lot of firsts in this last week- most of them I could have gone through life just fine not having to experience them. 
Other than scrapes and bruises, I have fractured my foot.  I am not able to put any weight on my right foot at this time but I have my next orthopedic appointment tomorrow and I am hoping to hear some good news.  My crutches and I are not getting along too well but each day I do seem to be getting a little more coordinated.
The hardest party of this whole ordeal was that Izzy would have nothing to do with me.  She was scared of my boo-boos and so she wouldn't let me hold her or really even come near her.  I missed my Izzy!!  Thankfully, yesterday she allowed me to snuggle with her and spend some good quality Mommy/daughter bonding time.     
I am so thankful we have great family around to help us during this time.  My hubby has had to take on the role of both Mommy and Daddy and I know he is tired.  He hasn't complained yet even when I have my meltdowns (it is hard to be so dependant upon someone else for everything).
So, we said goodbye to my nice Toyota Rav and now we have replaced it with a Toyota Highlander.  I haven't been able to drive it but we did take a joy ride to pick up some medicine over the weekend.  I think I will be very happy with the new car and I look forward to taking it for a spin.     

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our weekend wrap up...

What would you call this character??
Friday night, the boys had a sleep over with a few friends.  They thought we were mean parents because we kept saying no to sleep overs.  I am sorry.... when I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is watch someone else's kids.  Mine are enough for me!  But we gave in and for the most part, they were all good.  At one point, they had a nerf gun war and each were dressed in a different character.  Thankfully, I had kept all of the boy's Halloween costumes so they got some extra wear out of them that night.
Izzy didn't get the memo about the sleepover so she was up bright and early Saturday.  She is really in to the Disney cartoons now so we watched a little Princess Sophia before all the boys woke up.
and we played with Milo.  He is pretty hyper in the mornings but Izzy was able to get a little love from him before he started running the room chasing after his tail.
Aiden isn't used to doing an all-nighter so it took him a while to recooperate from the sleep over.  He ended up sleeping
Just changing positions. 
When I finally was able to wake him up, he had a slight fever so Izzy felt like she needed to take care of him. 
How about some covers brother?!?
Then, Izzy tried to be my little helper by cleaning the fridge- with her tongue!  Thankfully, I had decided to clean the fridge the day before and then again after she used her tongue.
Izzy is a busy girl.  She has places to go and people to see.
Izzy and Milo have a love/dislike relationship.  He loves to chew on her toys... she really doesn't like that.  Milo loves to get in her personal space... Izzy doesn't like that.  Here Milo and Izzy are having a stare down over Minnie Mouse.  I put my money on Izzy. 
So overall, our weekend was very lazy.  Saturday, I don't think I actually left the house (or even got out of my Pjs).  I offered to take the boys to Big Kahunas but they wanted to wait until their Daddy could go.  I guess I wasn't good enough.  Their loss. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Is she that different??

Is Izzy really that different from you and I??  She may not be walking yet or talking as much as another two year old but really... is she that different?
I no longer think about Down Syndrome on a daily basis.  This is a good thing... progress.
Everywhere we go, Izzy waves and makes friends so easily.  Sister never meets a stranger! I love this about her.  I love that she is social. 
Sometimes though, I just want to blend into the crowd.  There are times, I don't want Izzy to draw so much attention.  I just want to be...
Be in a store and not have someone stop and look a little longer than usual.  Be at a play ground and just play and not worry about what others are thinking.  Just be...
For some reason, I had an emotional night when we visited the Commons recently.  I took the kids to  play and run off some energy.  Izzy loves to scoot her way all over the playground.  She no longer wants to just sit and watch everyone- no more relaxing for Mommy.  She has to be right in the center of everything.  That night, I was right by her side but every time I looked up... someone was looking- watching her.  Most had smiles but some just stared.  I tried to ignore it and not let it bother me, maybe even smile, but for some reason this night... I just couldn't.
Izzy doesn't pay any attention to the stares but one day she will.  I don't want my baby girl's heart to hurt because some people don't understand that everyone in this world is different and that is ok.
No one said anything mean that night but sometimes words don't have to be said... it can be in the "look".
I know this is something that comes with having a child with special needs and I still have a lot to learn.  We are just at the beginning of this journey.  There will be some high highs and a few lows.  Izzy is so worth every emotion I feel.  These experiences will continue to make me grow and help continue to open my mind to accepting others- alike and different. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mama doesn't like drama...

Little Miss doesn't mess around when she is hungry!  There is no getting comfortable after a long day at work, no changing into some yoga pants or just sitting down to take a breather.  Nope... when we get home from work/daycare, Sister wants food and she wants it now. 
She is trying her hand at self feeding.  She prefers her hands over a spoon at the moment.
She also likes to keep Milo happy.  One bite for her and one bite for him.  This makes Mommy... not so happy.
One day, Daddy treated her to a puppet show when she arrived home from a long day at school and now, she has come to expect Ducky and Baby Isabelle to perform for her when she enters her castle. Demanding Diva!
Another performance by Ducky ...
She plays hard all day and she doesn't mess around when she is thirsty.  Chugging on the big gulp.
and some days... she isn't interested in having a conversation with me on our way home.  It makes me a wee bit lonely.  Not really, I am actually just jealous and wishing I could trade places with her.  Oh to be a baby again.
Time out...
Yep- that's right.  Ms. Izzy spent a little time in her new time out chair this weekend.  Sister likes to test her boundaries.  Overall, she is a great listener but she is also like most 2 year old- time to test Mommy and Daddy.  She isn't in to full blown temper tantrums (her brothers still claim the title for Kings of temper tantrums) but she likes to keep an eye on us while she is trying to do something she knows she shouldn't do.  Will Mommy and Daddy stop me or let me continue with this behavior??  For instance, I personally don't like milk all over my carpet- anyone else with me??  Izzy likes to shake, shake, shake her cup and watch the milk pour out onto her and the floor. That is a no-no.
If you look directly at her while she is in time out, she will try and give you the saddest looking puppy dog eyes.  But don't let her fool you,  she knows what she is doing.
Baby girl is growing up on us!