Thursday, September 11, 2014

School 2014-2015

School started for all three kids the middle of August.  This is the only year that they will all be at the same school!  Ethan is in 5th, Aiden is in 3rd and Izzy is in PreK-D.  Everyone loves their teachers so far and are enjoying getting to make some new friends.
I love that all the kids are together this year.  It helps Mommy with Izzy's transition to PreK at the Elementary school.
Izzy loves her backpack.  Mrs. Angie embroidered her name so she shows it off to everyone that she passes.
The first day on the bus was hard for both of us.  Now... she is a champ.  She gets help with the first big step and then after that, Sister becomes Miss Independent.
 That first day, since she was upset on the bus, I stayed at the end of the hallway and watched her arrive to school.  She was smiling and waving at everyone down the hall.  This is the best picture I could get but I see her little piggies swinging in the wind.  She caught my eye and waved and that is when I knew she would be just fine.  Mommy on the other hand- cried all the way to work.  
 Then, when I got to work, I found this little treat at my desk.  Small gestures can sure turn your day around!
 Since Izzy has started school, we have seen a lot of this happening...
She no longer gets a nap since school goes until 2pm.  So she is one worn out little girl by the time I pick her up.  The first few nights were rough and she was a cranky pants but we have gotten into a little better routine which has helped.
Izzy is even trying to dress herself in the mornings...
We still have some work to do but this is progress.
We get a progress report each day- which I love- and from what I hear... Izzy is making a lot of friends at the school.  
Big brothers are doing great as well.  They are pros at the whole school thing now.  This is the last year for Ethan in Elementary school.  I can't believe he will be in Middle school next year.  Scary and exciting!  Aiden is trying the traditional classroom this year and so far, loving it.  We decided to pull him out of Gifted for now and figured we can always go that route again down the road.
It has only been a few weeks into the school year and I must say I would have been lost without Google. My kid's homework makes me feel so dumb!  I definitely will not be going on the show- Are you smarter than a fifth grader?  No sir, no I am not.

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