Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A little information about our boys!

Ethan was born on September 13, 2003. He had a a lot of brown curly hair and blue eyes. He was 9lbs 11ozs. Yes, an unexpected toddler.

I had a very easy pregnancy with Ethan. However, due to the above information, the delivery/recovery was quite a challenge.

Aiden was born on October 16, 2005. Aiden arrived with very little hair and brown eyes. He was a month early but still weighed 7lbs 1oz. The doctors said if I had carried him to full term he would have easily weighted 11lbs.

Due to Ethan's delivery, the pregnancy with Aiden was more of a challenge.

They both are our pride and joy and both could not be more different.

Ethan is more sensitive and reserved while Aiden is outgoing and a real character!

Fast forward a few years and Ethan is now 5 going on 6 and Aiden is 3 going on 4. They changed a lot over the years.

Sit back and enjoy our updates on the lives of the Little Holt's!

Pictures to follow:

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