Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aiden's allergies...

Aiden had a wheat challenge with his allergist yesterday. When we get his scratch tests done each year, he always shows positive for wheat and soy. Since those are in a lot of foods, the doctor wanted to challenge them to see if he was truly allergic to these items. Yesterday we had to sit at the doctor’s office from 9am to 4:45pm. The nurse split the day into 2, one half of the day he was given the wheat food (cream of wheat) and the other half he was given a similar food but something he isn’t allergic to (oatmeal). Only the nurse knew what he was eating at the time so I could watch without bias for any reactions. The nurse would come out every 15 minutes and feed him a small amount of the food. He showed no signs of a reaction through out the entire day. The doctor said that means he is 95% sure that he isn’t allergic to wheat but since he did have a positive scratch test, we will need to do one last challenge. Aiden will need to return for a 4 hour challenge where they will feed him larger amounts of wheat to see if he has a reaction. At that point, if he doesn’t have a reaction then we can safely say he isn’t allergic to wheat.

He will be returning next Wednesday for the challenge with Soy. Since I can’t get off of work, Ryan will have to take him to his appointment. I am betting that Ryan will have to call for some relief before the day is over.

On a side note, Aiden weighed in at 37 1/2 lbs.  Even with all of his allergies, he seems to continue to gain weight so we are very thankful for that.
We will keep you posted on the outcome…

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