Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas activites

We have been very busy these past few weeks.  We have had Christmas parties, Church Christmas programs and special outings.  Here are some pictures to keep you updated on the boy's Christmas season.

We tried to make some gingerbread houses.  Things didn't work out as planned.  This is Ethan's before it fell.

This is Aiden's.  We couldn't get it to stay together so he just had some fun decorating it.  As you can see by Brodie's paws in the left hand corner, he stayed close by for any droppings.

I took the boys to Build a Bear while Daddy was a work. 

Left spending a lot more money than expected.

Ryan took the day off on Saturday and we went to look for a bed for the boys.  Ethan has out grown his bed and his feet now hang off the end.  They really want bunk beds but that doesn't really work for the house that we have.  We are still looking but promised to get them a bed in the next few weeks.  After our shopping we went to lunch and then let them play for a while at Destin Commons.  Daddy normally has to work on Saturdays so it was nice to have him with us for the day!

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