Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's day

Ethan gave me a letter for Mother's day (see pic below). He knows me pretty well.

• He knows that I enjoy baths (I would take them every night if I could).
• He thinks I am the prettiest when I wear a dress. I was not aware of this so I might have to wear dresses more often.
• He likes it when I cook him Chicken Noodle soup. Please note that this is actually Ramon noodles. (Ryan does most of the cooking)
• He doesn't like when I cook fish. (again... that probably wasn't me)
• I like it when he helps me clean the house. (this doesn't happen too often. So... yes this is a treat)
• When he is nice I take him to Build a Bear. (we don't go to Build a Bear that often so I hope he knows I think his nice majority of the time)
He is doing great with writing and spelling. Although a lot of his words are misspelled, you can tell what he is trying to say.

I must have misplaced the letter Aiden gave me. (Bad Mother!! but I am still looking for it)

But here is a recap of what Aiden knows about Mommy.
• Aiden thinks I am 100 years old :(
• My favorite TV show is News. (not so much)
• My favorite food is spaghetti (actually that is Ryan's and the boy's)
• My favorite color is green ( 1/2 right...blue and then green)
• He likes Mommy because Mommy always loves him (perfect. I couldn't have said it better myself)

Along with these letters, I got some great homemade gifts from the boys. Aiden gave me a purple glitter snow globe with his picture in it. His picture is now upside down because we were shaking it so much but it is still beautiful. Ethan gave me a nice pin to wear on my shirt that has beads and a mother charm and also a picture of him inside a teapot. Ryan's gift to me is finding a cleaning service to come in and help me out with the house. We still have to work out the details but this makes me so happy!! I would still do the daily maintenance of the house but to have help with the deep cleaning would make things a lot less stressful for me. A less stressed Mommy makes for a very happy household!

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