Monday, May 3, 2010

Allergy Update...

Aiden had his 1/2 day testing for soy this morning. He did great! We can now mark soy off of his list of allergies. We are 2 down (Wheat, Soy) and quite a few to go. We are finished with the food testing for now. We go back in October for his annual allergy stick testing so hopefully we will begin to mark some of his other food allergies off his list.

Ryan has the pleasure of taking the boys to their doctor appointments this week. Tomorrow he takes Ethan to the dentist. Mommy refuses to take him right now since I got in trouble by the dentist during his last visit. I pray that Ethan doesn't have any cavities and we get a clean report tomorrow. We have been cleaning extra well so we are believing that it is going to pay off.

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