Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Time...

Summer time is here and we are all looking forward to it.  Although the boys take every opportunity they have to remind us that they still have to go to La Petite (daycare) while most kids get to stay home with their moms.  (notice through my posts that our boys like to give a little dig whenever they can regarding me being a working Mom.)  However, we are lucky because La Petite has field trips a few times a week for them and also takes them to swim lessons.  We are also looking at enrolling Ethan in a science camp for a week during the summer.  So even though Mommy and Daddy both have to work, we do try and make sure they have a fun filled summer.
So, this summer we are going to put Aiden in swim lessons again.  He is doing very well but still depends on his arm floaties right now.  We got our passes to Big Kahunas so I am sure we will be making that our home on most Saturdays. I have been talking to them about joining the Community library so we can check out a new book each week to help Ethan keep his reading skills polished for 1st grade.  Aiden is starting VPK preschool in August so he is very excited and would like to start learning to read with his brother this summer.  How smart would he be if he went into VPK already knowing how to read !?! 
So we have our fun summer planned out and I am sure more things will pop up that we will fit into our schedule.
I haven't posted in a while so below are some pictures of some fun times they have already had:
              The boys playing at Destin Common's before watching a movie!
 Ethan likes to start our Saturday mornings off with a little game of hide and seek.  This is where he choose to hide!  Can't say I would have done the same... dirty clothes !?!
   Aiden got a new pair of Sketchers and as you can tell, he chooses to wear them 24/7. 
The boys taking a dip in Uncle Chad and Aunt Steph's pool.  They would invite themselves over everyday if they could.
Mikayla's 11th birthday party.  These are all of Mikayla's cousins minus a few.  The boys think they are related to all of them as well and you can't tell them otherwise.

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