Friday, May 16, 2014

What the...

Aiden had an allergic reaction recently and this is what happened to his face... No, we didn't punch him in the face.
He had asked to stay home from school that morning and I thought it was because he brother was staying home.  You know, all the sudden his head hurts as I am trying to run out the door.  Well, he received an apology from me after I got home from work.
The next morning,  Izzy had a doctor's appointment so I ran Aiden to see his allergist just to show him his reaction.  After a ton of questions, the best idea of what might have happened is he got a dog hair in his eye. He did swell like this once before...on his 1st birthday and he was given an English pea for lunch.  Yes, he no longer eats English peas.  Hopefully, he will continue to out grow most of his allergies.  We would all have to break out into a happy dance if that happens.    
So Izzy got fitted for new braces and Aiden had a check up with his allergist.  They were two perfect patients!

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