Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beach day

Sometimes I forget how blessed we are to live near the beaches of Destin.  People come from all over to vacation here and I can literally drive 10 minutes and be at the most beautiful beaches ever.  So far, I haven't found any beaches as pretty as ours- in my opinion.
Izzy was a little unsure of the sand at first but once she realized we weren't going to carry her all over, she figured it out.  Bonus... this is some great PT for her.  She is getting good at walking on uneven surfaces. The beach sand is great practice for her.
The boys were not afraid of the cold water.  Ryan braved the water up to his knees and I stayed dry up on the sand.  I don't like to get in the water until mid summer.
Ethan and Aiden were great with Izzy.  She could have played for the entire day in the sand.
Ethan taunted the birds with his sandwich.  They were hovering over head in case he dropped anything.
Our happy girl...
This could take hours... Izzy trying to bury Ethan in the sand.

It was also a great day to fly kites.  We all took turns and the kids had a blast!
We have already made another trip to the beach which is a record for us.  Surprisingly, we normally don't get out to the beach as often as we would like.  Now that Daddy is off most weekends, we will have to make this a regular event this summer or at least until Big Kahunas opens up.

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