Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Busy Weekend...

This weekend was packed with projects ,parties and games. We started off Friday with a pumpkin carving party. Mikayla, Ian and Stephanie came over for the "fun".

Getting started...
Let the fun begin...

The finished project. As you can tell... I had some trouble with Mickey.
On Saturday, we started our morning off with some much needed haircuts from Papa.

Ethan then had a soccer game (explains the uniform) and afterwards we went back to the Pumpkin patch for the petting zoo and jumping house.

They would have stayed all day holding these bunnies if I would have allowed. Aiden wanted to take the black one home with us.(he named him bunny.. original wouldn't you say) I didn't tell them that they were actually for sale.
Aiden sat on the stem of the pumpkin so that might explain his facial expression!
Another picture of bunny.
After the Pumpkin Patch we had a birthday party to attend at the BWB McDonalds.
Then... after the birthday party we had one more stop to make before I could call it a night. We had to attend the LaPetite Fall Festival. Pics to follow...

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