Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sasser Family Reunion (Nana's family)

We all headed to Chipley on Saturday for the annual Sasser Reunion. The boys wanted to get up there early so they could fish before all the festivities got started. Ethan loves to fish even though he has only gone a few times. Aiden is not that into it yet. If a fish doesn't bite immediately then he is done.
On Sunday we spent some time at the Falling Waters State Park. It is less than a mile from the home place and we have never been there (Sad to say). There is a lake, playground with picnic tables and sink holes everywhere.

There is a story behind this large tree stump that Ethan is standing on... (short version) 2 years ago at the reunion this large tree fell over on top of a shed where everyone gathers to have a bonfire, fellowship and cook the meat. There weren't any major injuries which is a miracle. They took a portion of the tree and set it in the new play area they made for the children.

Mikayla doing some fishing.

I even tried to do some fishing. I didn't last long... it was so hot!

Ian tyring out his new spider man fishing pole.

Chad helping Ethan take his first fish off the line.

Ethan caught a lot of fish. Can you see the excitement?

This is what Aiden thought of the whole fishing time. He lost interest very quickly.

The boys and I went on a hayride. Not a good idea for someone with allergies. As you can see, Aiden is itchy.

This is at the Falling Waters Park.

This is Aiden at the park. He had a very rough weekend with his allergies and asthma. I think this had to have been the hottest weather we have had at our reunions.

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