Friday, October 9, 2009

Aiden's Allergy Appointment

I took Aiden to his allergy check up this morning. They did scratch tests to get updates on his current allergies. Surprisingly, dogs and cats are now high (so we will have to see what that means for Brodie and Tucker). We have to put eggs back on his list. We thought we could remove it because his last test showed that the allergy was decreasing but this time it was back up to high again. The following have remained as high:
Peanuts (moderate)
The doctor would like to challenge the Soy and Wheat since those are found in so many foods. So... we will have to spend two 8 hour days in his office so they can feed him the foods and see what his reaction might be. We also have to research whether or not we want him to start allergy shots. He would have to get the shots once a week for 28 weeks and then monthly after that. We will read our pamphlets we were given to see if this is something that we want to get started on.
He is now on an inhaler each day. They have not labeled him with asthma since he is too young to be tested but they said he is showing signs and will be treated as if he does. He was also given another inhaler for as needed with his coughing.
Though we did not get the best news possible, Aiden was such a great boy through everything. He actually laughed while they were sticking his back. He thought they were trying to tickle him. He was able to follow the directions and use the inhaler properly. We did have to get an adapter for the second inhaler until he can figure that one out.
We are believing that he will grow out of a lot of these allergies and remain a very happy and healthy little boy.

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