Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Cousins together...

This past weekend we had Mikayla and Ian over for a sleep over. Stephanie is currently in Korea and Chad had to go San Diego for work. The boys were beyond excited. They have wanted them to come over to play for some time and not only were they coming over, but they were spending the night. One issue... Ian doesn't really like big dogs and we have to 2 big dogs. When Chad dropped them off, we decided to go for a bike ride to let Ian see the dogs outside and get used to them a bit. Ian was able to ride Aiden's bike, the boys were in a wagon and the dogs pulled them and Mikayle rode my bike.

                             The boys getting ready for their wagon ride.
I am sure this was a funny sight for cars driving by.

The boy's new loft bed came in handy.  Aiden got to sleep on the top bunk (which now he is spoiled and doesn't understand why this isn't permanent).  Ian slept on the bottom bed (with the rails) and Ethan and Mikayla slept under the loft in sleeping bags.  They were imagining that they were sleeping under a tree.  Surprisingly, they all feel asleep pretty fast and slept through the night!!
The next morning was very interesting getting 4 kids ready for church and out the door.  I thought it was hard with 2!?!  Afterwards, we kept them busy.  They watched a movie, went for another bike ride and then we took them outside for raking and bagging leaves.  We got a lot more done outside with a few extra hands (except Ian, he went behind us throwing the leaves around- but he had fun!). 
Don't they look cozy??

Overall, we had a great weekend. 

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