Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baseball season has begun!

Baseball Season has begun and we seem to be busier than ever. Ethan has moved up to Coach pitch and he now has two games each week and practices will begin again soon. His Coach is a great and Ethan is learning so much. Saturday was opening day and we started very early with the ceremony and then all of the fun festivities. That afternoon he had his first game and they all did really well. That was my first time as the "Official Team Mom". Honestly, I thought I might be the first Mom to walk just after one game. My duties had begun weeks prior and included: running around to everyone's home to drop/pick up items, team shirts, banners and paying for things up front and then begging the parents to pay me back. Needless to say, I have been worn out.

Last night Ethan had his second game. The dugout ran much smoother which made my job easier. Ethan hit an in field home run and after about 10 minutes, he finally made it to home base. I am blaming his slowness on his broken leg when he was three. Poor thing, his upper body is moving but the little legs don't seem to go anywhere. He also had his first try as catcher. This was a funny sight. I don't think he moved much and the balls kept hitting him, so we got a good laugh.
He is having a great time so far and absolutely loves baseball. We will keep you posted on the rest of the season.

Ethan on Opening Day

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