Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aiden's follow up...

Yesterday, I took Aiden to see his Pediatrician. He has had a consistent cough now for about a week (no other symptoms) and we have noticed on a few occasions that he gets very winded after he runs around.

After Dr. Krist did a complete check and had him breath and blow out air, he told me that he is starting to have some more issues with his asthma. His oxygen levels were at 98% (which is good) and he said right now his chest is not tight but these symptoms show signs that we need to fix his medicines and get it under control. Not what we wanted to hear but we are thankful that this is something that is manageable. He is going to be on a steroid for about 5 days and he also changed one of his inhalers to make it a bit stronger. So we now have to start his morning with a different inhaler and then his ProAir inhaler every 4 hours for the next 2 weeks to see if we can see any change.
We took everything to school this morning and taught his teacher how to administer the inhaler. He is very good with his medicines so he should make it easy for them.
On a side note... he is up to 41 lbs!!
We go back for a follow up in 2 weeks. We are believing for an excellent report.

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