Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ethan's 8th birthday party...

I am just a few weeks late with this post, but things have been a little crazy lately. 
Ethan wanted a football (Seminoles) party at the house so we invited his friends over to help celebrate.  I got a little worried when I kept getting RSVP's even on the actual day of the party and at that point I had already lost count.  So I made a few extra goodie bags to make sure we were covered and then said a little pray for my sanity before the party began.  Our house was packed with screaming kids and parents but Ethan had a blast!  Thankfully, there were only 2 toy casualties and a few cupcake mishaps so I would say that is pretty good! 
Ethan is such a great little man!  He is so smart that at times I feel like I need to go back to school so I understand what he is talking about.  Yeah, and he is only in the 2nd grade... I think I am in trouble.  He loves sports and plays soccer and baseball.  He would love to try a few other sports but we are wondering how to fit it all in.  He has such a tender heart and loves his little brother and sister. 
Lucky us...he has already started with the little sassy attitude.  I thought we had a few more years but I guess kids are starting a little earlier these days.  But overall, he is a big helper and has great manners (well... minus the typical boy stuff).
We are so proud of him and the person he is becoming!  Happy 8th birthday Ethan!!

Isabelle in her own little FSU attire

See... I wasn't kidding about the amount of kids.

Aiden and Ian

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