Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our morning routines

I have really gotten used to our morning routines and have come to look forward to them.  Although most mornings I am tired and can easily become cranky, I secretly love my special time with Isabelle.  At around 6:30am, (that's right... I finally have a child that likes to sleep) I start to hear a little tiny grunt from Isabelle's bed and I peak over the side and this is what I see...
We start the morning off with a little play time of singing (quietly since Daddy is still sleeping) and conversations and then she is ready to eat.
Shortly after Isabelle eats, the boys begin to wake up and the first person that run and find is their little sister.  They love her so much! 

Isabelle is mesmorized with the boys just as much as they are with her.  She lights up when they come into the room.  I am excited to see their relationship grow as they get older.  I am a blessed Mommy!

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