Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Isabelle and Aiden's dedication

This past Sunday, we had Isabelle and Aiden dedicated at church.  We wanted to have Isabelle dedicated before her open heart surgery which is scheduled for September 28th and Aiden wasn't dedicated as a baby (bad Mommy!) so we thought it would be special to combine them both. 
Ethan and Isabelle waiting to go to church (she looks so big in this picture)

This was a good picture of Isabelle (but she is scratching Ethan- which explains his face)

Aiden and Isabelle's certificates and Bibles. 
During church, Ethan was looking through Aiden's bible and asked me if when I was dedicated as a baby, did I get the New or Old Testament?  I explained that they normally give you the New so that is what I got as well.  He replied, the New Testament was around at that time?  Really?!?  How old does he think I am??

*more pics to come... I promise I did get a picture of Aiden as well.

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Aimee said...

I'm ROLLING at the New Testament part. Seriously.

I'd have had to work reeeeally hard not to laugh out loud at that one... ;)