Monday, October 24, 2011

Buddy Walk

Saturday, we participated in our first Buddy Walk.  We I decided at the last minute that our family would participate so I signed up and raised as much money as I could in 2 weeks.  Saturday came much quicker than I had expected.  I realized I was more scared than excited.  These past 4 months our Down Syndrome world has only consisted of Isabelle.  As we got closer to the park, I became more quiet and anxious.  In all honesty, if I wouldn't have had a van full, I might would have passed our destination and landed at Pier Park for a day of shopping.
But we arrived, signed in and found a spot to set up for the day.  Shortly after our group picture, all of the children with DS were called up to the stage.  I sat on the stage holding Isabelle amongst the other children/adults and began to tear up.  At that point, I was thankful that I remembered my sunglasses and had learned to count to 10 as a child.
I am now part of a new family that I had never anticipated belonging to.  I felt so welcomed but at the same time, I was in system overload.  I don't know that I was quite ready yet. Ready to see a snap shot of what the future might hold.  Ready to embrace this new life completely.  Up to this point, I was still in our little bubble.  The bubble that I had put around Isabelle and even myself.  I didn't realize I still had some very raw emotions to work through. 
Although Ryan and I were having an emotional time that day, the boys had a blast.  They bounced and danced the day away. 
Ryan and I were not emotionally prepared or ready this year but we will get there and we will join again next year to celebrate Isabelle and all the other children with that little something extra.

Mikayla and Izzy

The kids trying out Zumba
(We are thankful for Aunt Stephanie, Mikayla and Ian going with us.  We aren't sure if we would have made it through the day without them!)

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Becca said...

First DS association events are *definitely* nerve-wracking! I saw several new families with babies at ours and had spoken to one the day before and told them that you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourselves by thinking you *have* to feel okay. It's okay to feel however you want to feel, even if you feel the need to leave early because you're overwhelmed. That family ended up having a really great day, and it sounds like you guys did great, too! It gets easier. :-) Love the family team pics!