Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strong girl!!

Isabelle has been amazing us at how fast she is recovering.  As soon as we brought her home from her surgery, she started rolling over onto her tummy again.  We thought for sure she would hold off on that for a while.  Her neck has gotten so much stronger so we decided to pull out the bumbo chair and give it a try.

Aren't you going to help me?!?

No seriously... help!

I did it!!
On Monday, Isabelle had her first physical therapy since her heart surgery.  We had been warned to expect her to take a few steps back while she recovers.  Once again, Isabelle proves us wrong.  Not only had she not take steps backwards but she progressed further. 
She doesn't seem to mind being on her tummy so we can start tummy time again.  She is also learning some new exercises. 
We are so proud of you baby girl!

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Grandma~rella said...

Truly a Miracle Princess!! This sweet Jesus-girl truly amazes me! :)