Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our little man is growing up!

Aiden turned 6 years old on Sunday.  This year he wanted to have a costume party so Saturday, he had some friends over to the house to celebrate. 
Mean Vampire
Things to know about Aiden:
* Aiden started Kindergarten this year. He is doing great and is already reading on a first grade level.

* He started playing baseball and soccer this year.

* He loves playing with all different toys. He is pretty much into anything Ethan is- Legos, DS game and more Legos- (which of course Ethan loves because he thinks it means more toys for him).

* Although Aiden has a lot of food allergies, he loves to try new foods. Surprisingly, he isn't our picky eater in the family.

* He loves being a big brother. It has taken a little longer to warm up to Isabelle since she took his role as the baby of the family. However; now that she has gotten a little personality of her own, he is spending a lot more time trying to make her laugh. He did carry her around the house all by himself a few days ago and he loved it (this is a big step for him). He takes his role as big brother very serious now.

* Aiden is very funny and keeps us laughing each and every day. 
* He has a nervous laugh and often laughs at inappropriate times (when he is in trouble/most serious moments).

We love you Aiden and we are so glad you are a part of our family! 

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