Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Isabelle update...

Isabelle is 14 months (as of yesterday) and she is weighing in at 17.4 lbs (according to the home scale).  I don't have her height but sister is long!! She loves table food but she still doesn't have any teeth which limits her variety of foods.  I have been saying this for months but I think she might be truly teething now.  Miss Stubborn might not be popping any teeth out just to keep proving to me that she does things when she is ready! 
She isn't a big fan of the stage 3 baby food.  I can't say I blame her... it definitely doesn't look very appetizing.  She really prefers any food that you have and she is fast.  She will swipe it right out of your hand if you aren't watching.
Late night of partying with her bloomers on her head.
She is doing great with her therapies- physical and speech.  We should be adding occupational soon.  We are still working on crawling and getting into a sitting position.  I am ready with my camera each morning just in case I walk in and she is sitting up in her crib.  She has mastered sitting on her own and spinning around in circles.  This past Monday, she was witnessed scooting on her bum.  She chooses to do this when I am not around (church nursery/therapy session) but Mommy is still so proud! 
This is what Izzy thinks of her hip helpers!
Give me some kisses brother!
She is wearing her hip helpers 24/7 except during sleepy times.  We just ordered the next size up because her first pair was starting to cut off her circulation.  Chunky thighs!  We are trying out some new colors as well- snazzy purple for home and black for daycare.  She is doing great with the hip helpers and doesn't seem to mind them all too much.  I am sure she would much rather do the splits all day long but it is time she works on strengthening her core.  She did manage to get into a sitting position but completely wrong format.  She was lying on her stomach, did the splits and pushed herself up.  While I did think that was AMAZING... she found the easy way out and was being a little lazy.  Yes, I said it... doing the splits for her is being lazy.  While I would have to make a visit to the ER if I tried to do the splits, they come all too natural for Izzy. 
Come here brother... I think you have something in your hair.
Izzy is learning new signs and also learning to drink from a cup.  She definitely prefers the bottle over the cup.  Give her a chance, and she will swat the cup across the room.  But...slowly but surely she will learn these new things.  She has moved on from formula to whole milk without issue.  Yay Isabelle!
Her Speech Therapist is wonderful and working hard with signing/flash cards/transitioning to a cup and many more things along with teaching Mommy and Daddy how to help her at home as well.  She has her hands full!  Izzy is still needing to strengthen her jaw stability so we are continuing our daily exercises with the NUB and her chewy toy.  However, Sister has no issues with her vocal cords.She is learning new sounds and imitating all the time.  She absolutely loves mirror time and will jabber with her look alike all day. 
Can you still see me?!?

A late night + early morning = crashing in Mommy's bed for nap time.
I love to see the progress Isabelle is making and we see changes all the time.  We celebrate her smallest accomplishments as well as her biggest accomplishments all the same because she works so hard  for each and every one.

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