Friday, July 27, 2012

Izzy and her Papa

Papa and Izzy have a special bond.  He has prayed for her from the beginning of her existence and began praying even harder once we found out she had DS and a broken heart.  Along with Daddy and Mimi, he followed the ambulance to the NICU an hour away the night she was born.  He just needed to be there.  He sat with her bright and early so others could get their sleep and so they could bond. 

He traveled with us to Orlando for her OHS and was there every morning to speak with her nurses and sit with Izzy so we could again get a few more hours of sleep.  Papa is just there without even having to ask.  That is the type of person he is.

Also, Papa does Izzy's exercises when they spend time together so she gets physical therapy once a week and Papa therapy a few times a week.  He expects a lot from Izzy just like he does his other grand kids and I like that.  He knows DS doesn't mean our expectations should be lowered.  It just means we just have to work a little harder for things.
Around our house, Papa is known as the baby whisperer- he is also a master at teaching kids to ride bikes.  Izzy will try things for him that we can never get her to do.  See for yourself...
Look Papa- no hands!

4 point crawl position

We are so excited to see her putting pressure on her knees and legs.  I can't wait for her to start moving around!  Soon...very soon.
I am one very lucky girl to have been blessed with such a wonderful Daddy and Izzy is one very lucky girl to be blessed with her Papa. He will always have her back and also be there to help her reach her fullest potential. 

We love you Papa and appreciate everything you do for us!

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