Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Holt Happenings...

We have been busy little bees lately...
Last weekend, Ryan was able to go with us to Big Kahunas before he went in to work.  Long day playing out in the sun + long day working out in the sun = one tired Daddy!  But, the boys enjoyed having their Daddy play with them so I think he would say it was worth it. 

Then, we came home to rest up before the kids had a much needed cousin sleep over.
Our crazy bunch!  (minus Owen)
I think we had more stuffed animals over than actually kids but they had a blast.  I had the bright idea to do tye dye shirts that evening.  What was I thinking?!?

Drying over night and then through out the day.  These kids used a lot of dye.

This is the result of not using the rubber gloves provided.  Not smart!!
After we finished tye dying, we sent Ryan pictures of Isabelle dressed in Mikayla's Gator gear... just to torture him while he was working.  We definitely didn't want him to feel left out of all of our fun!

What are they doing to me?!?
The kids loved having their cousins over so we will have to plan another sleep over soon.  In a few years, we can add Owen into the mix as well. 
On Sunday, we enjoyed a church service and lunch honoring our men and women in the military.  We had a local Chaplain from Eglin AFB that came and spoke.  She had us in tears... either by laughing or hearing stories about the men and women she has/had the honor of serving with.
After church, we met up with the Worley's on the beach.  Isabelle slept the day away (literally) and the boys swam until they were wrinkled.  (The good pictures taken Angie :), the others were taken with my phone)

On Wednesday, the 4th, we went back out to the beach for a few hours before the sky opened up.  This time, Isabelle at least stayed awake for about 30 mins.  I think the beach might be a little too relaxing for her.  We did find out that she loves to eat sand.  Gross!!  I will have to figure out how to keep her from doing this because I am pretty sure it can't be good for her system and since we live near the beach, there might be a lot of beach days in her future. 

This is Aiden's newest "silly" pose.  I have a feeling I will be seeing this pose a lot.
*Ethan was there with us but he was practicing his Baywatch run so I couldn't get him in any pictures.*
And of course, here is Miss Izzy sleeping again.  I do love this picture because this is a first for her.  She is sleeping up on her knees!!  I know this is a typical sleeping position for most children but she has never gotten on her knees before even while sleeping.  A little therapy session happening- strengthening her knees- while she is sleeping!

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