Friday, February 15, 2013

OT has begun...

Izzy started Occupational therapy on Monday.  She had her evaluation last week and knocked it out of the park.  I honestly didn't know what to expect but I was so proud of her.  We saw areas that we needed to work on so now the therapy begins.
First off, it is time for Sister to start eating like a lady or a least a civilized person.  She hasn't tried utensils yet so this is now on her bucket list.  We would love for her to eat off of a plate or possibly from a bowl but she tends to throw it and the food goes flying.  I don't think we are asking for much but she feels otherwise.
She is going to learn in/out and give/take.  This will help with clean up/putting away and hopefully help her to learn not throw everything she gets her hands on (have I mentioned she likes to throw?!?).  Maybe I should go over this in/out technique again with her brothers to help them remember how to clean up. 
Izzy is going to be working on her balance and reaching for objects over her head.  She gets to use some cool tools like a bouncy "peanut" and a swing.
Stacking... this is going to be a big challenge for Izzy.  Sister likes to destroy everything!!  Mrs. K would stack the blocks and Izzy would knock them over while yelling AHHH!  She felt the extra drama was much needed.  So now enters her homework for the week... stacking.  Mrs. K has the patience of a Saint.  Mommy... not so much!  I might be the one yelling AHHH by the time this is over with.
Izzy did really well with the puzzles when she wasn't throwing the pieces.  She has an arm and I think we might have a softball player on our hands.  Hopefully no one ends up with stitches with all the blocks and puzzle pieces flying all over the room.

She has PT every Monday morning and now OT every Monday evening.  Sister is pooped by dinner time! 
Speech is still on Wednesdays.  Izzy's calendar is booked up at least until she is 3.  Then, I am not sure what happens from there...
I have decided to change my name to the Little Holt's Chauffeur.  It is a bit long but it is fitting with my lifestyle right now. 
Where would you like to go today?!?  Baseball, basketball, therapy... hop on in!

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