Thursday, February 14, 2013

February: Heart month

It is kind of fitting that Isabelle had her Cardiology appointment yesterday because February is Heart month and this week in particular is CHD awareness week.  
I never imagined that I would be part of this little community.  But I am now and Isabelle is my little hero.  She is so strong and has gone through so much in her little life. 
Looking at her OHS pictures are still tough but it also shows me that we both are tougher than I thought.
Sept 29, 2011

Now Miss Isabelle is strong and healthy.  We got a great report yesterday!
Her doctor came into the room and said she is fabulous- which we already knew- but now her heart is fabulous too!
Happy to be out of the car!

I need food!

Now I am just going to rest before my exam.
Izzy did great during the exam.  We found a new favorite show- The Backyardigans.  She got a little antsy towards the end and we had to bribe her with a sucker but overall... she was a champ.

Need some help with those buttons??

 We found out that she will not lay on her side.  The tech told me another mother (a nurse)who has a little boy with DS said that child with DS normally do not lay on their side.  I thought about it and you what??  I have never seen Izzy on her side.  My only guess is the low muscle tone and it takes some balance when you lay on your side.  Just a guess but interesting.

Isabelle is weighing in at 24.2 lbs and height... your guess is as good as mine.  We tried standing like a big girl but she wouldn't really cooperate.  She has one small VSD (hole) which they will keep monitoring but she initially had 3 after her OHS.  So, two have already closed and they figure the other one will more than likely close as she continues to grow.  Good news...Izzy is cleared for another year.

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