Thursday, February 21, 2013

A whole lot of randoms...

Saying we are busy these days is an understatement.  My phone calendar has been my lifesaver these days.  What did we do before all this technology??
We recently added on to our rodent family.  Meet... Bugsy.  He is a little older than Pip Squeak and a little more skittish.  Hopefully he will warm up to our family soon.  On a side note... whoever told us that these animals don't stink - partially lied to us.  Yes, the animals don't stink but their cages do.  Mommy's not happy!!  We have found some new bedding which is helping and it helps to clean their cages out often.  I will find a way to keep the smell away.

We have had fun catching up with Cousins!  We always love a little family time.


It looks like Izzy is milking some attention here and Nana is falling for it.

Making funny videos

Feed me!!

Silly girls!

I got your ear!  How does that feel brother??
We went for a check up for Izzy's RSV and she is all better.  Can you tell?!?
I am looking a little under the weather (Thank you Izzy!) but Izzy is doing great!
Izzy switched to a big girl seat and loves it!!  My baby is growing up. Tears...
Someone is checking me out...
 We are taking naps wherever and whenever we can get them these days!
We have been freezing our little biscuits off at baseball practice!  When is the spring weather coming??  Two practices each week for each boy = a lot of hot baths for Mommy to defrost.  Sorry, honey... the water bill might be a bit high this month!

hiding out in the car with the heater for a little bit.

Izzy loves to watch SpongeBob.  Can you tell she has older brothers?!?  Not one of Mommy's favorite shows but Sister is glued...
Izzy loves church but without fail...she falls asleep during the music.  She starts out with a little dancing and waving and then crashes shortly after.  It is hard being a social butterfly!
The boys are learning their lesson for calling me their maid.  Yep... they actually said that!  This time in particular, it was Aiden.  He just thought he was hilarious.  Maybe next time, they will think before they speak...

Izzy is rocking her OT every week.  We learned that her therapist will be leaving soon so hopefully they will find a good replacement so there isn't a lapse in her sessions.  We just started seeing her therapist but she will be missed!

All of these randoms happened within a few short days so I am tired now.  I wish I could take a nap but that will have to happen in my future life. 
Right now I am going to enjoy these moments with my kids (yes- I have to remind myself of this daily).  I might get stressed at times (a lot of times) and wish my life would slow down a bit but these little guys are growing up way too fast. 

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