Thursday, February 27, 2014

Over achiever??

I am talking about me here...
Last night, I had to do my "homework" given to me by Ethan's teacher.  I had volunteered to seperate, staple and paper clip all of the math booklets for his class.  I received a HELP email and soon realized I was behind and chapter 11 was needed ASAP.  So, the troops were called in - not my idea- and we conquered the booklets and all chapters are ready to be turned in.  Yep... only chapter 11 was needed but now, I am done for the year.  It feels good to be an over achiever sometimes!
Everything was going great (for the first few seconds) until things weren't as organized as I thought they should be.  The boys wanted to help with the stapling which meant the pages were crooked, or the staples didn't make it all the way through the packet.  After a few packets weren't up to par, they were fired. 
I was stressed and wasn't having fun- well, as much fun as you can have seperating math booklets.  Why do I get so stressed out over the little things?!?  Why can't I just breathe and go with the flow?!?
It is ok to not be perfect!  Trust me... if you walked into my house you would quickly realize I am not perfect.  Really, you wouldn't even have to walk in to the house... just drive into the driveway.  And yes, my house being messy totally stresses me out.  Really, with three kids - one of which throws everything in sight- it is hard to keep anything clean and organized.  That should be ok- to some degree. 
My life is chaotic at times.  Three kids, a full time job, sports, therapies... some days, I can't keep up with everything.
See... chaos and messy house.  I wasn't lying- wish I were.
Random night with Ninjas and mess
I am quickly realizing that my behavior and how I handle situations are starting to pass on to my kids.  They get stressed and freak out easily if something doesn't go their way.  This is not a trait that I want to pass on to anyone else. 
I have started taking some time for myself lately- well... the last 2 days but it is a start.  I like it!  I am trying to work on myself and getting back to my happy place.  I have become unhealthy and on edge.  I can change this!!  I need to change this- for myself and my family.  Life can be hard and right now... it is really hard for us but there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere.  I am going to start with getting myself back in order and learn to breathe and pray that everything else will follow. 
It is time for a new and better me!

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