Friday, April 25, 2014

Biophilia Center

About a month ago, we were invited to the Biophilia Center for Special Needs day.  The boys have visited numerous times for field trips but this was our first trip to the Center.  The facilities were beautiful!! 
A lot of the animals have been rescued after an injury so most of the animals have "special needs" as well.
 Izzy and Daddy learning about Hawks. 
Ummm Daddy... what am I sitting on??  This center is used for Educational purposes as well so we enjoyed learning lots about different animals.
The big boys had so much fun as well!
This is the day that I actually saw Izzy crawl for the first time.  Yes, she is almost three and bi-passed crawling all together.  Just.not.interested.  I have mentioned before that Sister can be stubborn. 
Inside the center, there was a tunnel and Izzy crawled in and out continuously.  I think she would have stayed there all day but we had places to go and animals to see.
Taking turns holding snakes.  Izzy said Ewwww.  - takes after her Mommy.
The hills were the highlight of the trip.  Run free my children!!
Mrs T. would be super proud to see Izzy climbing the hills.  PT in everyday activities.
Mr. Mike was there with a touch tank.  Izzy enjoyed seeing all the different sea creatures and she even touched them!  I think Mr. Mike had something to do with that.  He was great with her and took special time to introduce her to all sorts of creatures.

Mr. Skunk.  He got a Ewwww from Izzy too. 

The boys were a little unsure of this big snake but they were troopers until he gave them a little squeeze. 
We had a fun day at the Center and I am sure that we will be returning soon to visit our new animal friends. 

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