Thursday, April 10, 2014

Heart update

I am little late on updating on Izzy's annual cardiology appointment but that is my life lately.  Disorganized and late...
Early in February, I sent Izzy and Ryan to Pensacola for her heart appointment.  I got a call from a frustrated Daddy saying they weren't showing Izzy having an appointment and the doctor wasn't even in.  What?!?  My phone said we had an appointment and Mommy's phone calendar is always correct, right??
So, a few weeks later I actually made Izzy's appointment- for real this time- and I took off work to take her this time.  Ryan wasn't taking any chances with me this time.
When did my little girl get so big?!?
Then she tried to run away before they could call her name...  She didn't get very far though. 
 Waiting for our turn to see the tech...
Izzy did great and this year we got to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse during her Echo.  One of our favorite shows. 
She laid perfectly still the entire time and was awarded the "best patient of the day" award.

After the Echo, we went to see her nurse for the EKG and then meet with her doctor.
She wasn't too sure about all the wires but she laid still so it was over quickly.

She is continuing to grow and gain weight like a champ.  After her OHS, she stil has a few holes (VSD) and some leakage but nothing has grown or changed so we are still in the clear.  We got another good report for her annual and we go back in another year for a checkup. 
Yay for another healthy heart visit!!

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