Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Schools on lockdown...

What??? in Bluewater Bay.
We got word this afternoon that there was a bank robbery in Merchants walk and all daycare and schools in Bluewater Bay were on lockdown.  Both of my boys attend school and daycare in Bluewater.  I feel a bit helpless stuck here in Destin at work while they are stuck in their schools.  I was able to call the Daycare and she said they were all ok but they have had the K-9s walk through as well as police with their guns.  There are also unmarked vehicles in the driveway with police walking around with guns.  At this point, she was more worried about the kids seeing the police with their guns drawn and the best way to explain the situation. 
From my understanding, Ethan had to go into the teacher's office behind locked doors for approximately an hour.  I bet that was fun for the teachers!!  I will have to see what he was told and his reaction to the situation when I get home.  I received plenty of texts and phone calls giving me updates on what was going on.  I am glad that everyone is safe and our kids were protected.    It seems like the schools did a great job handling this situation.



MH said...

That story is all too familiar! What is the deal with bank robbers around here?

The Holt's said...

I know.. it sounds like a repeat of your blog a while back. Scary!!