Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A night out

The boys stayed home from daycare with their Daddy yesterday.  They played some baseball, tried flying some kites and (I am sure) played lots of video games.  So they had a busy day and wore their Daddy out.  We decided to make dinner easy and headed to CiCi's pizza and then of course we had to visit the pet shop. 

Aiden fell in love with this bird.  He wanted to take him home even once he realized it cost over $3000 and would mean no toys for the rest of his life.
Ethan on the other hand, wanted a $10 hamster.  I hate to admit that he was a bit cute but stinky. 
Daddy is a bit scared!
The bird really like his hat
And this bird ate the button off of his hat.  I guess he was hungry.

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