Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just a little brotherly love...

This is what happens when we get all 4 cousins together over at Nana and Papa's... a wrestling match gone bad!
Yep... someone ends up getting hurt and for some reason they are usually my kids.  I am not saying they are wimps or anything but maybe they just don't know when to stop when they are ahead.  So last night, Ethan had a bloody nose and Aiden ended up with a bruised face (and Ryan even ended up with a busted toe).  When will the boys learn... Mikayla is 11 so she can handle herself and Ian is 3 but a powerhouse.  I swear he needs to be playing football with the big kids.  Every time all of the cousins are together, they all want to wrestle so I am sure we will see more fat lips and bloody noses again soon.  Oh... the memories they will have!

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